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They trust us to keep them secure.

Dairygold needed a partner to monitor and manage cyber threats

The global food giant uses the Smarttech247 managed service solution to protect manufacturing sites around Europe.


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Providing 24/7 Managed Security Services to IEHG

The Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) sought Smarttech247’s help to protect the hospitals in Ireland from persistent cyber attacks.


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Offering 24/7 managed security services to RCSI

Smarttech247 implemented IBM QRadar SIEM as it allowed the university to gain real-time visibility across a large disparate network.


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Providing Laya with full visibility over their assets

We allowed Laya Healthcare to gain visibility across their netwroks and allowed them to concentrate on their core business activites.


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Offering 24/7 accessibility & protection to an organisation in the financial industry

Our Client was in need of a security partner that was compliance-driven and had an expert knowledge of appropriate industry regulations. Find out how Smarttech247 implemented 24/7 end-to-end security services to the client.


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Providing SOC services for a client in the pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical companies have been heavily targeted by cyber criminals looking to steal intellectual property, disrupt operations or simply deploy ransomware with fast financial gain motivations. Find out how we helped our customer implement Managed SOC using IBM QRadar SIEM.


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Managed Security Services to Manufacturing company

Smarttech247 implemented enterprise-rade security solutions wrapped around a 24/7 managed service to enusre full visibility across networks, real-time monitoring and fast incident response.


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Providing Managed Security Services to Insurance Provider

The client wanted to protect their sensitive corporate and client information that sits on their complex network and cloud environment. This required diligence on the part of the company and a commitment to protecting sensitive assets in a reliable and compliant manner that was beyond the client’s abilities.


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Implementation of OT Security to Manufacturing Client

Recognising the unique IT challenges in the manufacturing industry, Smarttech247 offered the client complete visibility, security  and control over the threats that put their organization at risk. Find out how


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IBM Security QRadar SIEM implementation for Retail Client

Our client focused on IBM QRadar SIEM along with IBM BigFix for patch and inventory management.


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Smarttech247 Helps ASL Aviation Holdings Reduce Cybersecurity Risk With 24/7 MDR

ASL Aviation Holdings found that their cyber defences were being challenged by increasingly advanced cyber-attacks. Find out how Smarttech247 helped.


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Ensuring GDPR Compliance & Management with Proactive Data Protection Services

Client trust and loyalty is at the heart of the core values at PBG driving business decisions, operational performance and efficiencies. PBG needed to work together with data protection experts in order to ensure that their entire data protection practices are compliant, and that their sensitive corporate and client data is secure at all times.


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