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Gain access to security leaders who guide you through strategic security initiatives

Maintaining a risk strategy in today’s complex regulatory environment is challenging. On top of that, the cybersecurity landscape is becoming more of a threat to businesses worldwide and organisations need to allocate resources to develop, implement and maintain and effective security programs. Often, these organisations do not have the budget to hire an in-house CISO due to their size, the complexity of their industry or simply the lack of available skills. Therefore, Smarttech247 offers virtual CISO (vCISO) services as well as consulting guidance in security leadership in order to assist companies achieve their security objectives and manage their security risk.

Smarttech247’s vCISO solutions provide organisations with a team of security experts that offer regulatory, risk and security expertise. Our security leaders have experience in a variety of industries. This will help companies align their security initiatives with business requirements.


With Smarttech247’s vCISO services, your organisation is provided with the technical expertise and knowhow to drive your security strategy. Our vCISO assistance and guidance will be catered to your organisation’s needs. Whether you require services on a full-time, monthly or yearly basis, we will build a solution for you round your needs.


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Benefits of having a vCISO as opposed to a full time in-house CISO:

  • Flexible Investment. Instead of hiring an in house CISO, you can save costs on a vCISO which can be spread out in instalments.
  • No training costs – vCISOs have the experience and knowledge required to carry out all security agendas efficiently
  • Guaranteed Neutrality & Results – Having a vCISO ensures your security platforms will not be compromised due to conflicting agendas or political issues
  • Measurable Performance
  • Full access to a team of experienced experts

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