Managed Risk – Threat and Vulnerability Management


Fine-Tune Your Patching Capabilities to Prevent Cyberattacks and Optimize System Performance

Providing immediate protection for endpoints, cloud environment and other network devices is the first step into assuring that your data is safe and your network is protected against vulnerabilities. At Smarttech247 we deploy the best virtual patching solutions available on the market, such as IBM Big Fix and Trend Micro Deep Security. Many organisations think that applying patches can lead to unwanted downtime – but leaving them uninstalled can also cause major issues. Is it possible to find a balance?


Hackers will regularly look to take advantage of systems that haven’t received the latest security updates by deploying malware with exploits that target those particular flaws. That might be as part of an intentional attack on a particular company, or the organisation could be caught in the cross-fire of a more general attack that takes advantage of a particular exploit.

Why it is vital to ensure your security patches remain up to date?

  • Reduce your exposure to cyberattacks
  • Avoid lost productivity
  • Protect your sensitive company data & employees
  • Protect your customer data
  • Compliance and regulation standards

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