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Penetration Testing

Every day we hear about successful high profile attacks that have been able to exploit a vulnerability on a corporate network and extract valuable data. Whether this is in the form of credit card details, medical records or other personal information, the question posed by security managers remains the same: How can we ensure our network is secure? The answer is penetration testing!


Through penetration testing, we analyse the strength of your network security using vulnerability exploitation methods. It identifies security gaps in your IT infrastructure by mimicking an attacker. The penetration test is performed without affecting sensitive data, resulting in a much clearer view of an organisation’s entire security network. Our security experts have extensive penetration testing experience and we have worked with clients from public and private institutions in the financial, healthcare and retail sectors. We perform internal and external penetration tests providing full reports containing information about potential weak security points and vulnerable areas in your email systems, VPN tunnels, firewalls, routers, web servers and other network devices.

Basic Penetration Testing

Smarttech247’s Basic Penetration Testing services help organisations remain compliant by making sure that their network’s configuration and patch management are up-to-date. We take proactive and fully authorised attempts to improve your security by simulating an exploit and exploring potentially vulnerable areas.

Full Penetration Testing

Smarttech247’s Full services evaluate an organisation’s network, applications, endpoints and internal/external attempts to infiltrate its security points. Complementing the basic penetration tests, we will dive deeper into your network’s infrastructure to provide a full overview of vulnerable and compromised areas that hackers could exploit.


The team should attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities and weaknesses throughout the environment. They should attempt to penetrate both at the network level and key applications. The goal is to determine if unauthorised access to key systems and files can be achieved.


What do our services help you address?

  • The risks to your organisation
  • Compliance to ISO27001, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST/DFARS and more
  • What to do in case a hacker finds their way into your network

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