24/7 real-time monitoring and response for your endpoint, network and SIEM technology

MDR Lean for SMB

24/7 real-time monitoring and response

Security made easier, more affordable and smarter

Driven by AI powered Security Operations Center (SOC) and VisionX MDR


Smarttech247 offers Lean MDR for SMB.

Don’t be restrained by budgetary or staff resources anymore! Our comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution powers your business – in a simplified and cost-effective way. MDR Lean© is our new lightweight, AI-enabled managed detection and response solution encompassing 24/7 real-time monitoring & incident response, advanced threat detection and continuous threat intelligence for your EDR technologies. Smarttech247 MDR Lean© is built to deliver a tailored security experience – for organizations of all sizes.

24/7 Logs & Event Monitoring

Remediation Support

Threat Investigation & Correlation

Inbuilt SOAR Integrations

Incident Alert & Notification

Threat Detection & Response

Tailored to protect your business, from Day 1

Reduce workload & move beyond reactive security

With MDR Lean©, integrate your existing security technologies to synchronize inherent functions, improving security efficiency – fast. Additionally, our SOC seamlessly augments to your SecOps/IT teams, providing you with an ‘expert on demand’ capability, around the clock.

Get more value for money

Powered by rapid security deployments and streamlined processes, our experts effectively monitor your environment 24/7, fine-tune your systems and cut-through the noise, alerting you on incidents that truly matter. With advanced automation, quick set-up and expert insight, incident response is made 10X easier, helping you shift your focus to security maturity.

Smart, scalable and flexible for max performance

MDR Lean© is smart and is built to scale with your growing security needs. Make business decisions based on data-driven inputs from security technologies and our expert advice. Get an added element of expert judgement and enriched context that standalone security tools will fail to provide you.

Now available with SentinelOne


SentinelOne AI technology & Smarttech247 enables faster detection and response, providing 24/7 monitoring and global threat defense.


Finetune SentinelOne for your business needs with added excellence from experts, without sacrificing affordability.


Higher degree of visibility with expert detection & SentinelOne’s best-in-class capabilities to prioritize risks better.


Faster and enriched incident response provided by the Smarttech247 IR teams.


Unleash the true power of MDR Lean with SentinelOne

Patented Storyline Technology

Granular level insights & advanced threat correlation with expert-led SentinelOne technology.

Automated SOAR Workflows

Reduce manual workload by streamlining log telemetry using expert analysis and improve security efficiencies.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Expert led hunting and investigation at scale, leveraging SentinelOne Hunter to perform AI led hunting query.

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