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Smarttech247 provides the security platform, up-to-date threat intelligence and expert defenders to deliver round-the-clock network security monitoring against threats, attacks, and potential risks to your business.

Our Managed Detection and Response solution combines advanced fusion capabilities with human expertise to safeguard your data – 24/7/365. The Smarttech247 next-generation SOCs (Security Operations Centres) are powered by proprietary and industry-leading technologies and methodologies, combined with the expertise of our threat hunters and analysts to gain full-spectrum visibility of data and threats. We protect your on-premise/cloud/OT environments 24×7×365.

Smarttech247’s MDR offering gives you peace of mind and the time to ensure your business is running smoothly, around the clock. Smarttech247 has a long history of delivering relevant, workable solutions to address businesses’ toughest security challenges. We are certified to ISO27001, ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials – and we ensure our clients are armed to continuously prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Smarttech247 ensures that your critical assets, data and network are secured and compliant. We do this by leveraging the best-of-breed technology and expert in-house capabilities. We provide our customers around the world with solutions to solve their security challenges and maintain business continuity.


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