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Organizations today require a holistic approach to cybersecurity that goes beyond mere defense mechanisms. They need real-time visibility into their security posture, the ability to prioritize threats based on potential impact, and a proactive stance against emerging risks. Additionally, effective communication of risks across all levels of the organization is paramount to ensuring everyone understands their role in maintaining a secure environment.


Threat Exposure Management is the answer to the complex cybersecurity challenges organizations face. It involves identifying, prioritizing, and managing risks across the entire attack surface, both internal and external. By continuously monitoring vulnerabilities, prioritizing remediation efforts, and mobilizing proactive measures, threat exposure management enables organizations to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

With ThreatHub, your organization can stay one step ahead of the attackers, giving you the confidence to scale and grow your business by –


Customized Threat Intelligence Risk Communication  Remediation Planning


ThreatHub Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Experience security like never before

Gain Visibility Into Your Security Posture

Gain complete visibility into your organization’s security posture with our exposure management platform. Understand internal assets like software applications and external factors such as third-party partners accessing critical systems. Our platform provides comprehensive insights and techniques to identify and mitigate risks effectively.

ThreatHub maps your complete environment and provides contextualised threat intelligence, leveraging powerful AI & ML threat modelling. ThreatHub prioritizes risks with a higher degree of accuracy and because it is designed with a hacker mindset, ThreatHub is always actively performing continuous and automated threat monitoring, flagging risks as they appear.

Preventing Cyber Attacks Through Proactive Measures

Real Time Continuous Threat Monitoring

ThreatHub allows regular assessment of the organization’s attack surface by employing AI / ML Threat Modelling. Our platform helps you to identify vulnerabilities and risks in real time.

Customized Threat Intelligence

Consume targeted threat intelligence that is based on your assets correlated with the global threat landscape, and understand your actual exposure in real-time

Vulnerability & Risk Prioritization

ThreatHub helps in analyzing security controls and determines which ones need improvement based on potential impact.

Mobilization & Remediation Planning

ThreatHub helps your teams develop strategies for addressing identified risks through targeted remediation efforts.

Risk Communication

With real-time visibility across your environment, ThreatHub supports the security stakeholders to communicate emerging threats to the organization.



Plug in the power of ThreatHub

Smarttech247 Next Gen ThreatHub is our unique smart solution to Exposure Management, fuelled by powerful AI and Intelligent Automation and developed by a team of certified threat intel experts embodied with a hacker mindset.

Customized Threat Intelligence

with Smarttech247 ThreatHub

Our Next-Gen ThreatHub is different from standard industry tools as we integrate secure automation, powerful analytics and context-driven intelligence, all into a single platform providing your organization with single source of truth. With ThreatHub, you get access to information from over 100 threat intel feeds and provides visibility of threat exposures across your entire IT environment. Along with real-time monitoring, enriched threat intelligence and context-driven threat modelling, ThreatHub stands apart from other industry solutions as we provide –

Open Threat Sources as opposed to closed threat sources
Combined Asset Coverage as opposed to Limited Asset Coverage
Detection based on global threat intel data as opposed to limited specific data set

Why Smarttech247

At Smarttech247, innovation is at the core of our cybersecurity solutions, designed to streamline and future-proof our clients’ security operations. With a customer-first approach, we customize our offerings to meet the specific needs of each client. Backed by extensive industry experience and a team of highly specialized security professionals, we stand apart from others, offering reliable support round-the-clock. As your trusted partner, our sole aim is to ensure our customers’ security and peace of mind.


Driven by Innovation

Smarttech247 invests heavily in R&D and Innovation to drive the development of new and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to stay at the forefront of industry trends and emerging threats. We deliver advanced and effective solutions and incorporate AI and Intelligent Automation in our solutions to address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, thereby providing our clients with a competitive advantage and a highly robust security posture.

Led by Operational Excellence

At Smarttech247, we deliver the highest level of service and value to our clients by establishing streamlined processes, implementing best practices, leveraging advanced technologies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We heavily focus on providing exceptional customer experiences and resilient security operations capable of adapting to evolving threats, protect their data and safeguard their digital transformation journey.

Powered with Technology

Smarttech247 excels in integrating security technologies across various environments, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid setups. This integration allows for centralised monitoring, correlation of security events, and streamlined incident response. By leveraging APIs and integrating with SIEM platforms and other security tools, Smarttech247 ensures seamless data flow and enhanced visibility into an organization’s security infrastructure.

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