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Real Time Continuous Threat Monitoring

With ThreatHub, we take into account the metrics that are changed over time like exploit code maturity, availability of patch or information about attacks seen in the wild. Combining everything we enable real time monitoring to help your organisation get a full visibility over your attack surface in real-time.

Customised Threat Intelligence

ThreatHub Attack Surface Intelligence Platform sits on top of all the tools & technologies serving the huge amounts of data and unify the context out of all of them to deliver one single message to the customer – What is the exact threat you’re facing. It’s like doing a continous pentest wihtout the need to do one!

Context-Driven Risk Assessment & Prioritisation

ThreatHub’s unique context-driven underlying automation that take into account the role of asset in the environment and relation between vulnerabilities to estimate the risk of threats with accuracy and precision. This allows organisations to discover and assess every risk on their attack surface with confidence.

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With ThreatHub, your organisations get consolidated Threat Intelligence instantly –

  • Open Threat Sources as opposed to closed threat sources.
  • Combined Asset Coverage as opposed to Limited Asset Coverage
  • Detection based on global threat intel data as opposed to limited specific data set


    Plug in the power of ThreatHub

    Attack Surface Intelligence made Simpler

    Book a Demo and let our experts show you the power of our Next-Gen ThreatHub Attack Surface Intelligence Platform. ThreatHub is different from standard industry tools as we integrate secure automation, powerful analytics and context-driven intelligence, all into a single platform providing your organisation with single source of truth. With ThreatHub, you can rely on our next-gen Attack Surface Protection capabilities and do not have to depend on multiple third party integrations leading to complexities in visibility across your IT environment.

    Faster Response

    With our Real time Monitoring and Risk Scoring Capabilities, your organisation get the capability to respond proactively and take quick actions to remediating. We enable a full visibility into your environment’s attack surface including the most common entry points such as Web Applications, Mobile Applications, IT/OT Devices and more. With ThreatHub continuous real-time monitoring, your organisation gets the ability to monitor threats as they arise instead of tackling them on detection making our solution different from standard industry tools.

    Enriched Threat Intel Feeds

    ThreatHub integrates with over 50 powerful intel feed sources and our unique inbuilt threat modelling enables context-driven threat analysis to prioritise risks for your business. Unlike standard security tools that require manual integrations, ThreatHub Attack Surface Intelligence Management Platform enables your oganisation to just plug-and-play as we simplify all your business integrations by powering our platform with secure automations. With an enriched layer of business specific context, our clients get sensible threat intelligence, better quality of data analytics, and enhanced corelation enabling security operations scaling.

    Powered by Context

    Protecting your complete Attack Surface can be a daunting task if there is minimal context attached behind a pool of Threat Intel Data. With ThreatHub, we corelate every data we receive specific to our client environment, providing them a visualisation and risk scoring specific to their business use case and needs. For every threat that arises, we track it in real time and make sure it is fed into ThreatHub Intelligence Model to enrich context for your organisation effectively and at a rapid speed with our inbuilt AI and Automation Capabilities.

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