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Cyber Security Gap Analysis – Free Level 1 Assessment

Discover security weaknesses in your security program before they are exploited by a malicious third party

The current era in cyber security is characterised by three fundamental challenges: the complexity of the enterprise network and connected infrastructure, the speed of novel attacks, and the strain of overwhelmed incident responders. The present-day global pandemic has brought new and evolving cybersecurity threats and challenges for security leaders when it comes to mitigating cyber risk. The increasing percentage of the workforce going remote has caused the attack surface to increase exponentially. As we all navigate through this new environment together, having a strong security performance management program is essential.

What is a Level 1 Security Assessment?


The Smarttech247 cyber security assessment takes a high-level view of your overall security posture and maps it against industry best practice. Our Level 1 Assessment helps you pinpoint your IT Security risks quickly. We then provide you with a detailed plan of action.

Once the cybersecurity gap analysis is complete, you will be able to take the results and turn them into actionable items, add them to your risk register and put a plan in place to help eliminate or improve the gaps.

What you get:

  • The level 1 ‘gaps’ in your organisation from a cyber security viewpoint (3-page Customised Report & Analysis)
  • The top 5 risks that apply to an organisation of your size and type – based on our extensive experience
  • Recommendations and next steps to reach compliance

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