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24/7 Automated MDR with Human Context

VisionX platform provides continuous oversight, threat hunting, security orchestration and incident response, ensuring timely detection and remediation of security incidents and reduced risk of data breaches.

Self-Service & Transparency

VisionX offers visibility into the security posture, ongoing activities, and performance metrics with intuitive dashboards, comprehensive reporting and real-time insights into security operations, threat landscape, and incident response.

Fast Incident Management and Response Support

VisionX provides real-time visibility into security risks and enables your organisation to respond to incidents quicker. With our expert support team and our VisionX MDR Platform, we strengthen your incident response capability exponentially.

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With VisionX, your organisations get enhanced Security Capabilities and turnkey MDR Solution –

  • Incident Response & Containment
  • Attack Surface Intelligence Management
  • Managed Phishing Capabilities
  • Security Technologies and Tools


    Single Platform. Complete Protection.

    Achieve more with VisionX

    Book a Demo and let our experts show you the power of VisionX to transform your Security Operations. VisionX is different from other platform because with inbuilt AI and Intelligent Automation, the platform consolidates all elements of your organisation’s cybersecurity into a comprehensive dashboard for a unique visualisation catering to your security teams and CISOs. Supercharge your security operations with VisionX Managed Detection and Response.

    Driven by Innovation

    Smarttech247 VisionX MDR Platform is powered with advanced AI and Intelligent Automation to address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, thereby providing your organisation with a competitive advantage and a highly robust security posture.

    Led by Operational Excellence

    VisionX is different from other MDR Solutions as it is comes in addition with Smarttech247’s team of skilled security analysts and professionals possessing in-depth understanding of emerging threats, advanced attack techniques, and effective response strategies.

    Powered with Technology

    VisionX MDR Platform leverages APIs and integrates with SIEM platforms and other security tools that allows centralised monitoring, correlation of security events, and streamlined incident response delivering seamless data flow and enhanced visibility for your organisation.

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