Managed Data Detection and Response


Protect your business from material data breaches

Organizations face a pressing need for robust data security measures that provide comprehensive protection against both external and internal threats. Current security solutions typically concentrate on endpoint and network threats, while neglecting the crucial aspect of data security. They unveil how threat actors infiltrate systems but fall short in determining whether any data has been compromised.


Smarttech247’s MDDR represents a paradigm shift in data security, focusing not just on detecting and mitigating threats but on safeguarding the very lifeblood of your organization: your data. Unlike traditional Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, which primarily concentrate on endpoints and network infrastructure, MDDR takes a holistic approach, placing data at the forefront of its security strategy.

Key Challenges

Data Sprawl

Data accumulation across various platforms (on-prem, hybrid, cloud) makes it difficult to identify, classify and manage valuable data.

Lack of Visibility & Control

Limited visibility into data storage locations and classification, coupled with insufficient encryption and DLP measures, leaves organizations exposed to data breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

Insufficient Detection & Monitoring

Organizations lack comprehensive monitoring of data, hindering their ability to detect and respond to security threats effectively.

How can Smarttech247 Help?

Smarttech247’s MDDR (Managed Data Detection and Response) service addresses the critical gap of data visibility and context by providing comprehensive protection against sophisticated threats targeting your most valuable asset: data.


With Smarttech247 Managed DSPM, you can finally gain control and confidence in securing your valuable data. Our comprehensive platform enables organizations to assess, monitor and mitigate risks associated with data residing in multi-cloud environments, on-premises and on the endpoints. Its core focus is safeguarding sensitive information by examining data context and content, prioritising the most important information, including personally identifiable information (PII), financial data and other critical data.  By leveraging advanced technologies such as AI-driven data detection and classification with remediation options, an organization can actively mitigate the risk of data misuse or breaches.

Enabling a Comprehensive Approach to Data Security

Our strategic roadmap enables organizations to establish a robust foundation for managing their data security posture, offering top-tier capabilities across key levels of the journey: 

Data Risk Assessment 

Data Discovery

Data Classification

Data Risk Monitoring, Detection & Response


In the face of threats bypassing traditional endpoint and perimeter defenses, Smarttech247 MDDR assures continuous data threat monitoring and response featuring: 

Fast Response

MDDR guarantees a rapid response time for data exfiltration attacks. The service includes proactive threat hunting and monthly security assessments to improve your data security posture continually.

AI-Driven Investigations

MDDR automates investigations and workflow remediations. Critical alerts are swiftly escalated to the Smarttech247 SOC expert team for thorough investigation and mitigation.

Immediate Time-to-Value

MDDR offers seamless integration with industry leaders such as Forcepoint, Thales and Imperva, enabling swift deployment within hours. This turnkey solution autonomously safeguards sensitive data, escalating incidents only when necessary.

Managed Data Detection and Response (MDDR) offers users a comprehensive solution for gaining control over their data and securing it effectively. It addresses challenges such as data sprawl, lack of visibility & control and ineffective detection & response expert monitoring, analysis, and classification, thereby ensuring effective data protection and compliance.


By implementing S247 MDDR solution users benefit from expert monitoring and analysis, enhancing their cybersecurity posture. MDDR not only detects potential threats at the data layer but also responds swiftly, minimizing the impact of incidents and ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. Additionally, MDDR services often include continuous updates and improvements, staying ahead of evolving cyber threats and providing users with peace of mind regarding their data security.

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