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Phishing Attacks can happen, anytime, anywhere.


Modern innovations have led to a highly connected society and has radically transformed the way we communicate. However, these innovations have opened doors for cyber criminals to innovate their attacks and make use of the weakest link in the whole system, the humans. According to reports, 74% of all breaches include the human element and Business Email Compromise (BEC) has nearly doubled and account for over 50% of Social Engineering incidents today.

Turn your workforce smarter & make them your first line of defense

Email Security at your Fingertips

The NoPhish solution by Smarttech247 will categorize and report on potential phishing attempts to allow you better protect your organization, now and in the future. With a simple button on your Office365 – you and your users can report a suspicious email with just one click.NoPhish can be deployed within minutes. Its just a simple Office 365 app integration – no installation of plugins, add-ons on the end point.

Managed Phishing Solution


The AI Revolution has enabled cyber criminals with rapid technologies and made phishing attacks highly sophisticated in modern day. Digital transformation and cloud adoption has further added to the complexity for global organisations, making it increasingly difficult for them to implement controls over Data and Information Exchange and safeguarding their people.

Respond faster to incoming Phishing Threats

Smarttech24 Managed Phishing Solution uses NoPhish email parsing tool powered by threat intelligence APIs to automatically scan a user reported email and generate a report for analysis. Our tool flags any IPs, URLs, or attachments that come back with a malicious threat intel report, as well as listing out the basic text and headers from the reported email to allow the analyst investigating to determine the threat level of the email.

Once the report is investigated and classified by the Smarttech247 team of expert analysts, your organization will receive an email response with an update and analysis. VisionX Managed Detection & Response Platform provides you full visibility of the analysis and gives you full visibility into your organisation’s security posture.


With Smarttech247 Managed Phishing Solution, your organisation gets –

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Visibility

  • Human Led Intelligence and Expertise

  • Rapid Incident Response and Management
  • Building Resilience into your System

    Smarttech247 Managed Phishing powered by NoPhish and VisionX helps you build a powerful cyber resilience by crafting defense in depth to protect your people and processes, 24/7. VisionX NoPhish gives your organisation the confidence and certainty that threats can be met head-on anytime, anywhere — and successfully countered, with our human expertise, simplified & consolidated security.

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    Deployed within Minutes


    Simple Integration and Turnkey Solution


    One Click Response and Remediation

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