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Improve the speed and accuracy at which your organization responds to incoming phishing threats.

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22% of organizations see phishing as their greatest security threat

Phishing remains the most common form of cyber threat as it is one of the easiest points of entry. They use email to try and trick your users into giving them access to your network. While an email may look legitimate at a glance, it is only through deep analysis that this can be identified. Even with the best spam filters and security tools in place, 1-3% of phishing and 35% of spear-phishing emails still pass through – accounting for 99% email related security incidents.

Organizations need a better, faster and easier way of reporting and investigating suspicious emails.

The NoPhish solution by Smarttech247 will categorize and report on potential phishing attempts to allow you better protect your organization, now and in the future. With a simple button on your Office365 – you and your users can report a suspicious email with just one click.

NoPhish can be deployed within minutes. Its just a simple Office 365 app integration – no installation of plugins, add-ons on the end point.

Smarttech247’s NoPhish email parsing tool uses threat intelligence APIs to automatically scan a user reported email and generate a report for analysis. Our tool flags any IPs, URLs, or attachments that come back with a malicious threat intel report, as well as listing out the basic text and headers from the reported email to allow the analyst investigating to determine the threat level of the email.


Once the report is investigated and classified by the Smarttech247 team of analysts, your organization will receive an email response with an update and analysis.

NoPhish can be used any time you suspect an email may be suspicious or unusual in anyway.

NoPhish will:

  • Stop phishing threats specifically crafted to evade your organizations email gateway.
  • Use unbiased phishing intelligence to stay ahead of threats.
  • Reduce risk of breach by conditioning users to catch phishing emails secure email gateways miss.
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