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Fostering community, driving sustainability, building reliability.

In Smarttech24, CSR and Sustainability are an integral part of our approach to business and employees’ programs, these are embedded in everything we do, guiding our actions and decisions every day. All our initiatives and programs are fostered by the CSR247 platform which stands for Community, Sustainability, Reliability.

In Smarttech24, we take responsibility for the effect that our operations have on the planet and its people, and we are committed to managing them in a way that minimizes our environmental impact. We have adopted an Environmental policy and we have developed a comprehensive sustainability plan that outlines our goals, strategies, and targets for reducing our carbon footprint, and promoting responsible and ethical practices throughout our organisation.

Our CSR program reflects our commitment to aligning our business goals with the broader social needs of the world around us. Our purpose is rooted in addressing key societal challenges, making meaningful contributions, and empowering individuals and communities to thrive. We foster partnerships with local organisations and by engaging with communities and addressing community needs, we are also taking important steps to contribute to the achievement of the UN SDGs.

Our governance framework is designed to embody principles of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, serving as a foundation for ethical and sustainable business conduct. Through comprehensive policies, board oversight, and engaging communication channels we ensure that our governance framework is transparent and inclusive. Our leadership members play a crucial role in embedding these principles into our corporate culture.

Our Values and CSR Pillars

Our culture is built on the principles of Innovation, Commitment/Customer Trust, Quality, Integrity and Teamwork. We have matched each value with a CSR pillar by identifying focus areas where we believe our company can make the greatest impact and create long-term benefits. We are implementing initiatives for Education, Environment, Wellbeing, Human Rights & Animal Welfare and Community every year.


A focus on fostering education for all and supporting knowledge & innovation.


Implementing sustainable practices to protect the planet & environment.

Human Rights & Animal Welfare

Supporting human rights and building better community, for mankind and for animals.


Encouraging physical and mental well-being and promoting better health.


A focus on fostering education for all and supporting knowledge & innovation.

CSR247 Programs and Activities


Smarttech247 Infosec Graduate Programme

Every year, during the InfoSec Graduate Programme at Smarttech247, participants get the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in various departments related to cybersecurity. The duration of exposure to each department may vary depending on the structure and specific requirements of the programme.

Industry Insight for Teachers

In our webinar in partnership with Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) in September 2023, our CEO, HR Manager and a Smarttech247 entry-level employee shared Cybersecurity industry insights to teachers and guidance councillors who further shared them with students interested in the cyber industry.

Cybersecurity Webinar for Hebron IT Academy

Smarttech247 hosted a Cybersecurity webinar for the students of Hebron IT Academy for Orphans where we talked about the value of data, risks for both individuals & businesses and how to stay cybersafe. The knowledge gained will not only help Hebron IT Academy students stay safe in the cyberspace but also contribute to their development in the IT industry.

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.”


Beach Clean

In 2023 and 2024, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the environment, our teams of volunteers partnered with Clean Coasts Ireland and Clean Coasts Ballynamona and came together to make a significant impact! We collected several bags of litter and made the Irish coastline cleaner and safer for both wildlife and visitors alike. From plastic bottles to microplastics, we picked various types of litter, and gained more knowledge about litter, its sources, how long it lasts, the effects on marine/birdlife and Biodiversity. Our journey toward a cleaner and healthier planet continues as we keep spreading awareness, reducing waste, and actively participating in initiatives to create a sustainable future for generations to come!

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”


GT5K Run

We had another incredible day at our Corporate 5K Race for Charity in Cork in June 2023! For 7 years in a row, Smarttech247 joined the GT5K challenge supporting a great cause, and this year the beneficiary charity was Children in Hospitals Ireland. This event always brings us closer as a community but also inspires a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.


Charity Mountain Hike

We raised funds for Mercy Hospital Foundation Cancer Appeal by doing a charity mountain hike with a few of the Cork office members. Despite the challenging weather conditions half of the day, the teams unwavering determination shone through. Just as we overcome obstacles in the realm of cybersecurity, they overcame the adverse elements and conquered the peak.



Our team took on the ‘Move for Movember’ challenge, aiming to walk or run a collective 60 kilometers. This initiative wasn’t just about fitness; it was about sparking vital conversations around men’s health issues. We were also delighted to have some very interesting faces by the end of each November month in our office and a big shout out to all the men who volunteered for this noble cause!

“The greatest wealth is health.”


Children’s Rights Alliance

We support the Children Rights Alliance organisation in their efforts for children’s rights. Founded in 1995, the Children’s Rights Alliance unites over 100 members working together to make Ireland one of the best places in the world to be a child.


Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline

We support Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline to help lost pets find their way home and every contribution we make goes towards animal care. We support the efforts made to ensure the wellbeing of animals and end their sufferings.

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”


Mercy Hospital Golf Classic in aid of the Mercy Cancer Appeal

Every year, we support the Mercy Hospital Golf Classic in aid of the Mercy Cancer Appeal supporting cancer survivors. The Funds that we donate helps the foundation deliver life-saving improvements and Cancer Care, improving outcomes and experiences.


Christmas Toy Donation Campaign for Children’s Health Foundation Ireland

Every December we collect toys to support Children’s Health Foundation raise vital funds to support sick children and their families. Employees leave the donations for the children’s hospital under our Christmas tree in the office which are then being sent to the Children’s Health Foundation.


Christmas Jumper Day and Bake Sale raising funds for ISPCC

In 2023 we organised a Great Smarttech247 Bake Off with the grand finale to involve hosting a charity bake sale. All weekly winners brought their final creations and all tasters were kindly asked to make a donation to enjoy them and raise funds for ISPCC – Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children! For a touch of festive feel, everyone wore their favourite Christmas Jumpers!


Volunteering for Accessible Winter Wonderland at Crann Centre

Members of the Smarttech247 team had an incredible time at The Crann Centre in Cork, spreading joy as Santa’s helpers for the Accessible Winter Wonderland! It was heart warming to meet families and be part of their journey to meet Santa.

“The happiest people are not those who want to get more, but those who give more.”


In Smarttech247, sustainability is an integral part of our approach to business, embedded in everything we do. It is a core value that guides our actions and decisions. We take responsibility for the effect that our operations have on the planet and its people, and we are committed to managing them in a way that minimizes our environmental impact. We have adopted an Environmental policy and we have developed a comprehensive sustainability plan that outlines our goals, strategies, and targets for reducing our environmental footprint, enhancing the social and economic value we create, and promoting responsible and ethical practices throughout our organisation.

Sustainable events – Zero Day Con

Together with our great team and partners we made ZDC a sustainable event a vegetarian only lunch option, using a Farm-to-Fork approach, free water and reusable cups and bottles, zero waste policy for our branding materials, primary focus on digital signage and planted trees with the help of Grown Forest to offset carbon emissions.

Our Company Swag

We always choose sustainable local brands to create our personalised products and branded packaging. We ensure that the packaging and products are made from sustainably sourced materials and can be reused and recycled. Our SWAG doesn’t harm the planet.

Our Offices

Smarttech247 adopts an Environmental Policy, integrating best practices into our management system. The majority of our business emissions fall under Scope 3 – 91%. Smarttech247’s goal is to reduce this impact to a minimum. We are committed to follow best practices to protect our planet.

Our Memberships


Good governance is vital to Smarttech247, we have well defined governance structures that are well understood and implemented by all of our team. Smarttech247 are audited internally and externally for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and the alignment of our policies and practices with the ever-evolving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and best practices. We understand that our commitment to ESG principles is integral to our long-term success and the well-being of our employees and stakeholders. Our company is committed to regularly reviewing and enhancing our policies to ensure they align with the most current ESG criteria, considering social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability and ethical governance.

Ethical Practices

Smarttech247 is committed to conducting its business with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Ethical principles at Smarttech247:
• We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity in all our dealings in line with our Core Values
• We have zero-tolerance approach to any corrupt practices.
• We uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

Supporting Human Rights and Combating Modern Slavery

Smarttech247 is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in its business or supply chains.


Smarttech247 is also committed to ensuring there is transparency in its business, consistent with our disclosure obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
Because of our philosophy, Smarttech247 is unequivocally opposed to all forms of slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chain. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.
Part of our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion involves ensuring that our suppliers and partners adhere to ethical practices that respect human rights. We will evaluate the ethical practices of our providers, ensuring they meet our standards against slavery and unethical behaviour. These aspects are considered during Provider qualification as defined in our Procurement and Provider Policy.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Smarttech247 is committed to embedding the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion into all aspects of its operations, including policy development, processes, and decision-making. This commitment is vital for fostering an inclusive environment and achieving our strategic objectives relating to employees.


Equality Statement
Smarttech247 is dedicated to fostering an environment where equality is the cornerstone of our operations and relationships. We believe in treating every individual with respect and fairness, ensuring that no one is disadvantaged or discriminated against based on their background, identity, or circumstances. Our commitment to equality means actively identifying, challenging, and removing barriers to equal opportunities in employment, career advancement, and participation in all company activities. We pledge to continuously evaluate and enhance our policies, practices, and actions to create a workplace where everyone’s rights are acknowledged and protected.

Diversity Statement
At Smarttech247, diversity is celebrated and recognised as a vital source of strength and innovation. We are committed to understanding, appreciating, and valuing the rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences within our team, viewing this diversity as a critical component of our success. Our aim is to cultivate an inclusive culture that embraces differences and offers every individual the opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow. This commitment extends to all aspects of our business, from recruitment and retention to development opportunities, ensuring diversity is not just supported but actively promoted.
Inclusion Statement
Smarttech247 strives to create an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, heard, and supported. Inclusion for us means more than just physical presence; it’s about fostering a culture where diverse perspectives are sought out, respected, and integrated into the fabric of our decision-making processes and corporate ethos. We commit to building and maintaining a workplace where each person can express themselves authentically, have equal access to opportunities, and feel a part of the collective success of our company. Our ongoing efforts include training initiatives, open dialogues, and policy reviews to ensure inclusion is practiced at every level of our organisation.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Smarttech247 is committed to aligning with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development outlined by the United Nations as we strongly believe it is within everyone’s capability to contribute to meeting these targets.
The SDGs provide a comprehensive roadmap for addressing the world’s most pressing challenges, from poverty and inequality to climate change and environmental degradation. Through our actions and initiatives, we actively contribute in particular to four of these goals:

Quality Education

We are committed to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. There is currently a demand of 4mil jobs in Cybersecurity. We are actively promoting opportunities in the areas of internships and grad programmes. We run the educational program Women in Cybersecurity Academy on an annual basis. Furthermore, we have partnerships in place with universities, participate in career fairs and collaborate with organisations in the Education area to promote these opportunities. We talk about sustainability from an environmental perspective, and we also refer to it when it comes to our people. As Cybersecurity is so dynamic and diverse and, with the introduction of AI generated platforms excelling at lighting fast pace, there are dozens of further opportunities for people to grow and learn with support from our training and career development programs.

Gender Equality

We are committed to achieve gender equality and empower all genders. According to the international cybersecurity membership organisation (ISC)2 and to other various reports, women make up 24% of the cybersecurity workforce, with much lower percentages in some parts of the world. Research has shown that diversity leads to collective intelligence. Diverse teams make better decisions. Having more women in cybersecurity can lead to more well-rounded discussions and a broader range of insights when assessing security risks and making strategic decisions. Encouraging more women to pursue careers in cybersecurity helps expand the talent pool, increasing the likelihood of finding qualified individuals to fill critical roles. We partner with organisations to promote our opportunities and we run our Women in Cybersecurity Academy program every year. In Smarttech247, 44.44% of our employees are women and our CEO has received the Women in Tech Advocate award by Deloitte.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

We are committed to promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. We provide equal employment opportunities for all individuals regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or background. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need. We are fostering a workplace free from discrimination, and we consider knowledge and skills the only criteria for advancement. We firmly believe that diversity is our strength. By embracing a diverse workforce, we encourage a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and talents, which ultimately contribute to innovation and better problem-solving. We recognize the importance of work-life balance and have implemented policies and practices that allow us to sustain harmony between our professional and personal lives. This includes flexible work arrangements and support for family or personal responsibilities. As a multi-national innovative tech company, we play a vital role in driving economic growth in all the countries we operate. Our contributions include job creation, partnerships with local businesses, and a focus on sustainable business practices that minimize our environmental impact.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

We are committed to keeping infrastructures secure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Our mission is to keep our customers’ infrastructures secure. Our approach is “Customer First”, and we focus on prevention. We do this by utilizing the latest in cloud, big data analytics and machine learning, along with our industry-leading incident response team. We are ISO27001, ISO9001, Crest and Cyber Essentials certified. In Cybersecurity, innovation is key. We have created 3 products in-house which aim to bring value to companies’ security, enhance visibility, rapidly detect and respond to advanced cybersecurity threats. Recognizing the profound impact that our operations have on the environment and society, we have made a resolute commitment to infuse sustainability into every facet of our supply chain. This holistic approach not only aligns with the company’s core values but also positions it as a responsible and forward-thinking industry leader. We are not just protecting organizations from cyber threats; we are also actively working to build a more diverse and inclusive tech industry while ensuring sustainable practices across our business operations.

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