Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Ransomware is reaching unprecedented levels and ransomware operators are now taking a much more focused approach to targeting their victims. Smarttech247 research shows that hackers take their time to learn about their victims and their networks, and then swiftly infect hosts. Besides encrypting data, an increasing number of adversaries now exfiltrate and threaten to publish stolen data to increase ransom payments.

Ransomware attacks can quickly disrupt the operations and cripple businesses functions by cutting off access to critical information within minutes.


Smarttech247 Ransomware Ready Assessment:

The new breed of ransomware strains means that threat actors are utilising cobalt strike and other tools to navigate their way around  your network before deploying ransomware – often by using compromised active directory privileged credentials or a zero day vulnerability.

Compromised privileged AD accounts cause a significant number of breaches. Hackers use these accounts to infiltrate the core of the network and subvert security controls. They can turn off your AV systems and other security tools. The Smarttech247 Complete Ransomware Analysis addresses this challenge with a ransomware-focused compromise assessment.

The Smarttech247 threat intelligence and advanced forensics team will work with you to fully understand your potential exposure. This is a technical engagement through the lens of a hacker. It includes scanning endpoints in your environment, reviewing forensic artefacts and collecting endpoint telemetry to uncover evidence of malicious files or suspicious activity often associated with early stages of the ransomware lifecycle.

What you get:

  • A full Ransomware readiness assessment
  • Analysis of internal network scan findings
  • A review of your response plan and recommendations to strengthen it


  • Avoid attacks with ransomware safeguards
  • Recover faster with a best practice response playbook
  • Test your readiness with a ransomware tabletop exercise

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