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Attacks resulting in data loss are often caused by breaches using known, unpatched vulnerabilities. Today’s threat landscape is changing at an alarming pace, with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported annually and the growing complexity of the organization’s environment.


Organizations need a threat and vulnerability management program in place that allows them to identify vulnerabilities, and to remediate and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.


Smarttech247 has become an industry leader in the delivery of Threat and Vulnerability Management for organizations of all sizes.


With the Threat & Vulnerability Management services from Smarttech247, our clients will be reassured that, even with a distributed workforce and complex environments, their data is secure. Our Vulnerability Management department works as an extension of your team, to secure assets, reduce risk and respond to incidents.

What are the Benefits of a Vulnerability Management Program?

Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability management is more than just scanning and getting alerts whenever your infrastructure needs a patch applied. Organizations need to make informed decisions and properly prioritize vulnerabilities, because not all carry the same risks. With a vulnerability management program by Smarttech247, your organization can prioritize remediation, apply security patches, and allocate security resources more effectively.

Improve Security Compliance

Various compliance frameworks require organizations to have a comprehensive vulnerability management and threat program in place. Our vulnerability management services help your organization maintain compliance across industry regulations. We can also demonstrate it by having detailed reports in place.

Business Challenges

Lack of prioritization & risk understanding

Masses of new vulnerabilities are born every day which brings various challenges to security teams, and the volume and complexity of new vulnerabilities means that they need to be prioritized based upon the risks they pose to your business assets as they come into play. Priority needs to be given to the threats that are most dangerous to an organizations most valuable assets as the severity of some vulnerabilities can often be deceiving – this is where expertise and knowledge of the overall risk is essential.

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Lack of visibility

Many organizations have limited visibility over their assets and inventory. When a new vulnerability is discovered, you turn to your asset inventory to determine how manyassets are in scope for this risk and how many can be safely patched. But without the detailed profile of each asset, this job becomes impossible. What you cannot see, cannot be protected and so you need to have complete visibility over your network in order to stand a chance at protecting it.

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Asset ownership & responsibility

Asset ownership is often limited to out-of-date spreadsheets or incomplete data from multiple sources, providing holed in your security. Each asset/ asset group much have an owner and this owner must be held accountable for keeping records, updating changes and notifying the appropriate personnel of potential threats and exposed vulnerabilities.

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Poor communication

Communication is key for any organization to implement an effective vulnerability management program. Often, poor communication channels between IT, IT security and management can lead to issues that undermine the efficiency of the program. These issues vary from misunderstood expectations and deadlines, personnel not being informed and deadlines not being hit. Keeping informed is imperative to keeping unknown vulnerabilities out.

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Large number of unmanageable vulnerabilities

Due to the integration of various systems across an organizations network, if one system goes down it can often have a rippling effect. Today, many organizations prioritize vulnerabilities based on some levelof asset importance classification. However, this often generates too much data for remediation teams to take an informed action. This can lead to potentially millions of critical vulnerabilities detected in larger organizations. So how can the critical vulnerabilities be prioritized? Additional expertise and context is necessary to get a true picture of actual risk across your environment. Organizations might consider additional factors in threat prioritization, such as the exploitability or value of an asset, the correlation between the vulnerability and the availability of public exploits.

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The Vulnerability Management Process

Preparation and Policy Creation

The first step is to define the scope of the threat and vulnerability management process. Smarttech247 will work with you to create a procedure on vulnerability monitoring, risk assessment of vulnerability, asset patching, asset tracking, and any necessary coordination responsibilities.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

The first and most essential step in any vulnerability management process is to bring to light all of the vulnerabilities that may exist across your environment. A vulnerability scanner will be deployed to scan the full range of accessible systems that exist. This can be from laptops, desktops, and servers on to databases, firewalls, switches, printers, and beyond.

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We will generate reports for both Management teams as well as IT teams to help the organization understand the risk, prioritize the vulnerabilities and plan for remediation. Not all vulnerabilities carry the same risk, so a prioritization process is very important. We will help you prioritize these by the MITRE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) Score as well as by the unique risk they pose to your organization.

Remediation and Patching

The patching process can at times be complex, as you need to ensure everything is kept up to date. Vulnerability patch management is not just something you can manage as an afterthought.

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It plays an important role in your organization’s security systems. Smarttech247 will help you streamline your vulnerability patching process by defining a policy and implementing patching programs that are efficient and non-disruptive. Most importantly, to keep your organizations from malicious attacks exploiting your vulnerabilities, including zero days.

On-going Security Validation

To keep up with the accelerated threat of vulnerabilities, organizations need to incorporate into their threat and vulnerability management program robust security validation, such as Red Teaming and Penetration Testing.

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The Smarttech247 service offers a full suite of application and infrastructure testing. Our teams use manual and automated methodologies to provide thorough evaluations of your assets. We also provide risk prioritization and mitigation recommendations.

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