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In an evolving era of Cybersecurity, Resiliency is key for organizations. The increasing complexity and sophistication of threats make it nearly certain that an attack will occur in today’s corporate environment. At Smarttech247, we help you take the first step towards building cyber resilience with our leading industry expertise, experience and knowledge. Our suite of Security Validation Services are tailored towards securing your business and operations, and not just your IT infrastructure.

Elevate your Security Validation Experience

Organizations face 3 key challenges when it comes to building cyber resilience. We at Smarttech247 bring the expertise and skills your organization needs to elevate your cyber resilience and validate your security measures from a real world point of view.

Complex Use Case

Every Business or Operation is susceptible to a set of challenges unique to the industry. It is challenging for businesses to identify experts who can address their unique challenges and advise on best security implementation that goes beyond standard cybersecurity and aligns with their business.

Distinctive Perspective

Organisation are limited in options where their security can be observed from a new pair of eyes every single time. The lack of people, resource and expertise limits organisations to have a distinctive perspective of their security posture.

The Human Element

With automated testing gaining popularity, organisation fail to identify the limitations of adding context to business specific needs. Organizations struggle to add complex context to security test due to the missing human element. Although Automation speeds up the process of Offensive Security, it limits the efficiency of it.

Validate your security controls with the Smarttech247 and enhance your cyber defenses inside-out

Customised Use Case and Modern Techniques

We help you build use cases aligned to specific threat environment and in line with your complex business needs. We get you access to expertise from our rich experience across diverse industries. We develop real-world attack simulations guided by advanced threat intelligence and modern techniques aligned with leading frameworks like MITTRE ATT&CK, OWASP and more to secure your people, process and technology.

Theat Modelling with Advanced Hacker Mindset

Our teams adhere to leading industry frameworks i.e., MITTRE ATT&CK, OWASP and more. Certified industry experts with distinct expertise across commercial grade and in-house tools and governed by advanced hacker mentality, we introduce advanced threat modelling to validate your security controls, giving you a 360 degree perspective of real-world threat.

Bespoke Reporting and Post Remediation Guidance

The core and beauty of our engagement is the sophistication of manual techniques implemented throughout, with aid of in-house automated tools and enterprise tools tuned to test your specific use cases. Not only that, we also provide comprehensive reports, suitable for both technical and non-technical professionals and guide you through remediation measures and post-remediation checks.

Our Security Validation Suite


Penetration Testing


Powered by human intelligence


 At Smarttech247, our elite team of 20+ pentest experts hold the highest quality of industry certifications (CREST, CEH, OSCP, OSED, OSWE, OSWP) and are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, resources and knowledge base to offer you a complete penetration testing. At Smarttech247, we boast in our expertise to deliver exhaustive manual tests with the aid of sophisticated commercial-grade and in house tools spanning across diverse industries. We understand your true purpose of validating your security controls, and are laser-focussed to deliver value, through quality engagements, bespoke reporting and post-remediation guidance.

Application Security Validation

Web and Mobile App (Android/iOS) Testing, IoT Application Testing, Desktop Application testing, API Testing, Static Source Code Analysis, Smart Contract Security Audits and more.

Network Security Validation

External Network Testing, Internal Network Testing, Wireless Network Testing and more.

Cloud Security Validation

Identity and Access Management, Cloud Application Tests, Active Directory Tests, Cloud Storage tests and full Cloud Infrastructure Audits (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more).

Red Teaming


Strengthening Cyber Resilience End-to-End


 The Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) are getting enormously sophisticated as AI takes over the world. The question organisations must constantly ask is how resilient is their SecOps in tackling these highly sophisticated attacks and fight the cybercriminals on a daily basis.
Our Red Team are experts who know the exact behaviours of the bad actors and we bring our knowledge and expertise from years of experience across diverse industries to –

  • Build defense-in-depth with a real-world attacker view
  • Test security defenses through every stage of attack cycle
  • Prepare for AI driven, targeted and sophisticated attacks

    Network Attacks | Application Attacks | Social Engineering Attacks

    | Ransomware | Communications Interceptions | Advanced Persistent Attacks


    Incident Response Readiness


    Design Incident Response Plan through collaborative Table Top Exercise


     Every Industry is unique and faces unique security challenges. So a common cyber solution may not be the best for your business and operations. Get your Security Team work with us and get an advanced understanding of the threat landscape, add context and corellation to risks and vulnerabilities and align your operations needs with your security needs. We help you identify the effectiveness of your security tools and evaluate your security maturity against modern attack scenarios through simulations and scenario-based discussion. With an in-depth incident response plan, we ensure that you are prepared to answer every possibility of ‘What if an attack happens?’.


    Take the first step to elevate your Security Validation.

    We want to help organisations to build the best cyber defense and we do that with a high-touch customer focussed attitude. We want every organisation to grow and flourish in their business while being secure from the adversaries around the globe. Our elite team of security experts hold the highest level of industry certifications and Smarttech247 is ISO27001 and ISO 9001 Certified which showcases the level and quality of our service.

    Multi-disciplinary skillset with diversified experience across industries

    Multi-award-winning, ISO27001 & ISO9001 Certified

    Advanced Intelligence and Hacker Mindset driving complicated manual testing

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