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The Total Economic Impact Of Smarttech247  MDR platfrom – VisionX

The Smarttech247 VisionX (Managed Detection and Response) platform is a cybersecurity service providing 24/7 proactive threat detection and response, using cloud data analytics, machine learning, and an incident response capability.

Global businesses with sites operating 24/7 require a cybersecurity partner to monitor and manage cyberthreats around the clock. Smarttech247 offers a portfolio of managed security services to monitor organizations for potential threats and support clients in responding to them. As more businesses move to a cloud environment, the reliance on their IT infrastructure grows — as do their concerns about the impact of cyberattacks. Firms must now focus on more proactive prevention to meet customer expectations as well as regulatory obligations.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with VisionX, Forrester interviewed the decision-maker at a global organization that uses the Smarttech247 VisionX service. Forrester used this experience to project a three-year financial analysis in this study.


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