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Protected Disclosures

Protected Disclosures

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (as amended) enables workers to raise a concern regarding potential wrongdoing in the workplace. The Act ensures that safeguards exist to prevent reprisals against them.

From 17 December 2023, the Act requires all organisations with 50 or more employees to establish and maintain procedures for dealing with protected disclosures and also provide written information relating to these procedures to workers.

Smarttech247 is committed to harnessing a culture in which we encourage and support employees in raising concerns relating to potential wrongdoing in the workplace; and to providing the necessary support for employees who raise genuine concerns.

All disclosures of wrongdoing in the workplace will be the subject of assessment and investigation as appropriate. Smarttech247 has a Policy on Protected Disclosures, which is available internally on the Content Management System, or externally by request.

Smarttech247’s HR Manager is a prescribed person under the Act for the receipt of protected disclosures on matters relating to the above.

Smarttech247 welcomes all disclosures of information about potential wrongdoing. Protected disclosures can be submitted by email to protected.disclosures@smarttech247.com  or by post to the HR Manager, Building 4700 Avenue 4000, Rathmacullig West, Cork Airport Business Park, Co. Cork, T12 XE1E. If the submission is oral or in person, then reports can be made by arrangement.

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