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Enhancing Cybersecurity through MDR

Comprehensive MDR helping you drive Security Efficiencies

Discover the power of VisionX, Smarttech247’s cutting-edge automated MDR platform, designed to equip your organization with unparalleled managed detection and response capabilities. With around-the-clock security orchestration, monitoring, and rapid incident response, VisionX ensures your organization remains safeguarded from potential security threats. Our proactive approach and state-of-the-art MDR platform work in tandem to minimize threat dwell time, reduce data breach risks, and guarantee timely incident response, thereby safeguarding your organization’s seamless operations. VisionX offers comprehensive cybersecurity validation, dynamic risk governance, and seamless security technology integration. This empowers your organization to scale securely and confidently, making VisionX the ultimate solution for your cybersecurity needs.


Power Visualisation with VisionX

Experience the Power of VisionX: Your Complete MDR Solution

With threat actors harnessing advanced AI technologies, your organization needs a comprehensive MDR Solution that offers unparalleled visibility into your security operations. VisionX provides a wide array of features to address various aspects of your security posture through a single, streamlined provider. VisionX goes beyond the norm, consolidating multiple cybersecurity elements into a unified solution. We prioritize innovation to empower your security team with the finest cybersecurity capabilities. From continuous monitoring to proactive threat detection and rapid response, VisionX equips your organization with the tools to combat sophisticated threats effectively. With VisionX, your organization will have comprehensive MDR capabilities at your fingertips, ensuring optimal protection against modern-day cyber threats while simplifying and enhancing your security operations.



Aryzta Increases Visibility and Reduces Risk With VisionX


Aryzta is a global food company that specializes in bakery products. With operations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Aryzta, like many other organisation, faced several cybersecurity challenges.

Aryzta chose Smarttech247 as their MDR partner to address their cybersecurity challenges and bring improvements to their security posture. Dietmar J. Bettio, Group CIO & CISO at ARYZTA discusses how our VisionX MDR platform helped the global organisation reduce cybersecurity risk, enhance visibility and protect against imminent threats.



Smarttech247 is committed to delivering exceptional service, collaborating closely with our clients to fortify their infrastructures and safeguard their valuable data. With a customer-first approach, we instill trust and confidence, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive support in building a resilient cybersecurity structure. Our expertise extends across diverse industries, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector, and Multinationals, allowing us to cater to the unique needs of each sector.



Redefining Security with VisionX

In today’s dynamic threat landscape, organizations must establish agile and robust security measures. VisionX provides around-the-clock automated monitoring, detection, and response to potential security threats, ensuring your organization stays protected 24/7. VisionX integrates Integrated Attack Surface Intelligence Management, Security Technologies, Incident Response and Containment, and Managed Phishing Capability, delivering real-time visibility into security risks, vulnerability insights, and effective mitigation strategies.

Human-Context-Driven 24/7 Automated MDR

Organizations struggle when it comes to blending human context and real-time automated MDR to respond effectively to security incidents around the clock. VisionX presents a robust 24/7 Automated MDR solution, uniting human intelligence with advanced automation. VisionX ensures swift detection, prioritization, and mitigation of potential threats, providing continuous protection. With VisionX, organizations can establish a seamless and efficient cybersecurity defense, strengthening their security operations and effectively mitigating risks.

Seamless Self-Service and Full Transparency

The attainment of smooth self-service and complete transparency in cybersecurity operations presents a challenge for organizations. However, VisionX MDR Platform offers an ideal solution by granting comprehensive visibility and real-time insights. With VisionX, organizations can effectively minimize risks and strengthen their cybersecurity strategies. This platform empowers users with effortless self-service capabilities, enabling easy access to vital security information and insights. By offering complete transparency into security operations, VisionX facilitates proactive identification and mitigation of risks, ensuring a strong and resilient cybersecurity stance.

Rapid Incident Management and Response

Organizations are often faced with challenges when it comes to achieving timely incident response and reducing the risk of data breaches. VisionX offers real-time incident response and containment capabilities. With its powerful combination of human intelligence and advanced technologies, VisionX swiftly detects and mitigates security threats, reducing the risk of data breaches. Our expert team continuously oversees the platform, ensuring that incidents are efficiently resolved. With VisionX, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture and confidently protect their critical assets.

VisionX Capabilities

Rapid Incident Response and Containment

VisionX integrates advanced technologies and skilled analysts for swift remediation. With immediate alerts, real-time insights, and seamless incident investigations, the platform eliminates manual workflows, streamlining the response process to effectively neutralize threats and minimize potential damage.

Streamlined Attack Surface Intelligence Management

With VisionX’s integration of ThreatHub, our proprietary technology, you gain real-time, continuous insights into emerging threats and attack vectors. Leveraging data from risk assessment and vulnerability management tools, ThreatHub empowers you with comprehensive understanding and prioritization for analysis, ensuring enhanced security measures.

Enhanced Phishing Protection with NoPhish Integration

VisionX incorporates NoPhish, a powerful managed phishing capability, to bolster your defense against phishing attacks. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence, NoPhish analyzes incoming emails, URLs, and attachments in real-time, swiftly identifying malicious content and thwarting phishing scams to keep your organization secure.

Seamless Integration of Security Technologies

VisionX seamlessly integrates with a range of security technologies and tools, enabling centralized monitoring, event correlation, and streamlined incident response. Leveraging APIs, SIEM platforms, and other security tools, VisionX facilitates a smooth flow of data, enhancing visibility and providing a comprehensive view of your organization’s security landscape.



Unlock Your Potential with VisionX

VisionX MDR Platform is a single unified platform consolidating every aspect of your organisation’s cybersecurity. Our platform stands out with its emphasis on real-time visibility, security orchestration, dynamic risk governance, and comprehensive security technology integration. The platform offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity, helping organisations identify, respond to, and mitigate threats effectively. VisionX is different from other platform because with inbuilt AI and Intelligent Automation, the platform consolidates all elements of your organisation’s cybersecurity into a comprehensive dashboard for a unique visualisation catering to your security teams and CISOs.

Distinctive Expertise and Experience

What sets VisionX apart from other MDR Solutions is our invaluable addition of Smarttech247’s team of highly skilled security analysts and professionals. With deep knowledge of emerging threats, advanced attack techniques, and effective response strategies, we stand as your trusted partner, delivering proactive and tailored security solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Powerful SOAR & AI

Experience fast incident response with VisionX’s integrated SOAR and AI capabilities. Our rapid, transformative automation and AI-driven response empower your organization with proactive visibility. With a dedicated team of experts at your disposal, we utilize industry-leading tools and proactive techniques for real-time threat investigation and mitigation, giving you complete visibility.

Real-Time Cybersecurity Validation

Experience the power of inbuilt NIST assessment feature within VisionX, providing real-time validation and alignment with industry standards. With VisionX, receive a real-time scorecard on your organization’s risk level as we assist you in conducting security audits, risk, and vulnerability assessments.



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 VisionX combined with the power of Splunk, your organization cam gains unparalleled visibility and protection against sophisticated threats. Our VisionX Platform, integrated with industry-leading Splunk Security Intelligence, enables swift reactions and responses, ensuring the security and reliability of your digital systems. Build a robust cyber resilience with VisionX powered by Splunk, empowering your SecOps, ITOps, and engineering teams to achieve their goals and collaborate seamlessly at any scale




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The combined power of VisionX and QRadar SIEM offers security teams centralized visibility into enterprise-wide security data and actionable insights on top-priority threats. QRadar SIEM ingests vast amounts of data across on-premises and cloud-based environments, providing a comprehensive view of activity. VisionX Platform complements this by applying real-time, automated security intelligence, swiftly and accurately detecting and prioritizing threats.



Why Smarttech247

At Smarttech247, innovation is at the core of our cybersecurity solutions, designed to streamline and future-proof our clients’ security operations. With a customer-first approach, we customize our offerings to meet the specific needs of each client. Backed by extensive industry experience and a team of highly specialized security professionals, we stand apart from others, offering reliable support round-the-clock. As your trusted partner, our sole aim is to ensure our customers’ security and peace of mind.


Driven by Innovation

Smarttech247 invests heavily in R&D and Innovation to drive the development of new and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to stay at the forefront of industry trends and emerging threats. We deliver advanced and effective solutions and incorporate AI and Intelligent Automation in our solutions to address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, thereby providing our clients with a competitive advantage and a highly robust security posture.

Led by Operational Excellence

At Smarttech247, we deliver the highest level of service and value to our clients by establishing streamlined processes, implementing best practices, leveraging advanced technologies and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We heavily focus on providing exceptional customer experiences and resilient security operations capable of adapting to evolving threats, protect their data and safeguard their digital transformation journey.

Powered with Technology

Smarttech247 excels in integrating security technologies across various environments, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid setups. This integration allows for centralised monitoring, correlation of security events, and streamlined incident response. By leveraging APIs and integrating with SIEM platforms and other security tools, Smarttech247 ensures seamless data flow and enhanced visibility into an organisation’s security infrastructure.


MDR Services for ASL Aviation


ASL Aviation Holdings are a global aviation services group based in Dublin, Ireland with offices around the world.They found that their cyber defences were being challenged by increasingly advanced cyber-attacks.

Smarttech247 implemented a comprehensive, 24/7 managed detection and response capability and helped the client enhance their visibility and protect against imminent threats. The solutions implemented included Full SOC Monitoring & Management and SIEM (IBM QRadar) across all global sites along with Comprehensive Threat & Vulnerablity Management, Security Auditing, Governance, Risk & Compliance.





At Smarttech, we provide our clients exceptional service and we work closely with them to secure their infrastructures and data. They trust us to keep them secure and with our customer first approach, we make sure that our clients get everything they need to build a resilient cybersecurity structure. From Healthcare to Manufacturing to Public Sector to Multinations, we cater to the needs of every industry and we understand the nuances of security operations with our long-standing industry experience. Learn more about our client journey and our service delivery.



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