Case Study



Providing MDR services to Aryzta

Industry Challenge

Aryzta has sites operating globally on a 24/7 basis. “Our organisation has a wide geographic spread and we have bakeries operating 24/7,” Liston explains. “We need a cybersecurity partner to monitor and manage cyber threats 24/7. We are not in a position to hire and retain a full-time team of our own to do that, no organisation could”


The Solution

The global food giant uses the Smarttech247 managed service solution to protect manufacturing sites around Europe. Smarttech has implemented IBM’s Watson for cybersecurity. With the help of IBM Watson, Smarttech deliver managed security services to provide real-time analysis of an organisation’s entire network system and a deeper visibility across the entire IT infrastructure through our Security Operations Centre.

What the customer said

“Smarttech247 plans it with the local teams – I don’t have to get involved. They can scale at speed. We have operations around Europe and we are deploying it one country at a time. That model fits in with our budget. They are a very innovative technology company and we are a traditional FMCG company, but we have fallen into a good way of working with each other. I would recommend Smarttech247 to others and I have done so”

Noel Liston, CIO


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