Case Study



Providing MDR services to Aryzta

Industry Challenge

Aryzta is a global food company that specializes in bakery products. With operations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, the company produces and distributes a wide range of baked goods to supermarkets, restaurants, and other foodservice providers. As with any large company, cybersecurity is a critical concern for Aryzta, and the company has implemented various measures to protect its sensitive data and systems from cyber threats. However, like many organizations, Aryzta has faced several cybersecurity challenges in recent years, highlighting the need for ongoing vigilance and improvements in its security posture.


Aryzta needed to partner with Smarttech247 to support them in defending against modern cybersecurity threats. The threats Aryzta faces have the potential to cause significant disruption to the company’s operations and damage its reputation and financial well-being. This case study will explore Aryzta’s cybersecurity challenges, the measures the company has taken to address them, and the lessons learned from its experiences.


What the customer said

Dietmar J. Bettio, Group CIO & CISO at ARYZTA discusses how our VisionX MDR platform helped the global organisation reduce cybersecurity risk, enhance visibility and protect against imminent threats.


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