Case Study



Implementation of IBM QRadar SIEM

Industry Challenge

Universities such as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland are a key target for cybercriminals looking to steal personal information, research data and intellectual property. Moreover, they are on a high target for DDoS attacks. RCSI wanted more control over the sharing of information, securing their network and gaining deeper insight into malware-driven attacks.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by RCSI, Smarttech247 implemented IBM QRadar SIEM as it allowed the university to gain real-time visibility across a large disparate network. Together with a 24/7 managed security service by Smarttech247, QRadar consolidates and prioritises security events from all sources and it allows the administrator to see what is happening straight away. It gives RCSI a data-rich, easy-to-use interface and real-time valuable information.

What the customer said

“We had a great experience dealing with Smarttech247 from the very beginning. Their security experts helped us build a smarter and more secure network within RCSI with IBM QRadar. QRadar has given us peace of mind because we know we are under threat, we know we are experiencing breaches but we are tracking those threats and managing them. It gives us a level of confidence to say we are on top of our security events and we can address any issue in real-time.” – Enda Kyne, CIO

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