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Social Engineering

Social Engineering (SE) is a nontechnical way of infiltrating an organisation’s network, mainly through its employees. Using various techniques, hackers manipulate users and ultimately perform sophisticated attacks through various methods. The Smarttech247 Experts evaluate your employees’ security knowledge and overall susceptibility to hacker attacks by conducting simulated insider attacks and ultimately providing best-of-breed security awareness training programs.

This is a popular route for criminals as it is easier to hack your natural reaction to trust, rather than trying to hack an application.


A social engineering hack can be anything from an email to a conversation making it difficult to distinguish when it is happening!

What do our Social Engineering services help you address?

  • How to assess your employees’ security awareness.
  • What the current vulnerable areas are.
  • How to respond to phishing attacks and other engineering attempts.


In order to reduce the risk of your employees falling victim to a phishing attack, reach out to Smarttech247 for information on our Cybersecurity Awareness Training!


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Validate the effectiveness of security operations

Scenario based testing is commonly used to assess the ability and validate the effectiveness of your security operations.

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