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Operational technology (OT) encompasses many aspects of our world, including industrial control systems (ICS) that are used to control core operational processes. These ICS technologies can be used to monitor services to prevent hazardous conditions. Manipulation of these systems and processes can have extreme impacts on end users and employees within operational environments.

Keeping OT environments and ICS technologies secure should be a top priority for organisations. Smarttech247 offers a portfolio of OT security solutions that help industrial, asset-intensive environments monitor and secure networks, protect endpoints and deliver cybersecurity services. We provide you with complete visibility, security and control over the threats that put your organisation at risk with a focus on:

Assessing Your Risk

Smarttech247 allow your organisation to gain full visibility into your current OT environment and see your most vulnerable assets. We can help you to understand your risks and vulnerabilities.

Protecting Your Operations

Once your risks are assessed, a solution needs to be implemented. Smarttech247 and our partner ecosystem can help you conduct data discovery, classification and analysis; network and endpoint security design and implementation; Smarttech247 can help design and deploy an OT SOC protecting your operations.

Managing Your Operations

Smarttech247 can help you manage alerts and reduce false positives with OT Managed Security Services; develop an OT security incident response plan and help you leverage security analytics and to focus on the continuous improvement of your security operations.

Use Cases For OT Security

Asset Visibility and Monitoring

Map inventories and networks for OT devices using a wide range of discovery capabilities, including patented deep packet inspection (DPI) of IT and OT protocols, continuous and configurable policy and behaviour monitoring, and automatic CVE assessment.

Asset Configuration Management

Automatically collect a wide range of OT asset information and log all configuration changes for security analysis and operational forensics.

Streamlined Compliance

Simplify compliance efforts for key standards, including NERC CIP, NIST CSF, IEC 62443 and AWIA, by leveraging powerful dashboards, analytics and reporting tools.

Threat Detection & Incident Response

Automate threat detection, containment and remediation with alert investigation and response tools. Dashboards and widgets enhance user collaboration, and rich alert details support efficient incident response.

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