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Since the global onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, cybercrime heights soared. Healthcare organisations were always the primary target and continue to be the most exposed industry to cyber attacks, with the industry accounting for more than four in ten breaches. As hospitals shift their focus and resources to their primary role and the demand of managing the extraordinary emergency, has once again placed them in a very vulnerable situation.

Not only has the attack surface massively expanded but cybercriminals have leveraged the pandemic by sending out various ransomware attacks that lure internet users to click on malicious links or files. This has allowed the hackers to steal sensitive data and often take control of a user’s device and use it to direct further attacks. This where The Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) sought Smarttech247’s help to protect the hospitals in Ireland from these persistent attacks. Download the attached case study where we highlight the solution we continue to provide to IEHG and the benefits of such solutions.

Industry Challenge

Organisations in the healthcare industry, like the members of the IEHG, are a key target for cybercriminals looking to disrupt operations (by launching ransomware attacks), steal personal information, health data and intellectual property. IEHG wanted more control over their information, securing their network and gaining a deeper insight into malware-driven attacks. With a large amount of information coming from the endpoint devices, firewalls, servers etc., IEHG members were faced with limited visibility across their network, as well as limited ability to correlate the millions of events that took place within their environment. IEHG turned to Smarttech247 to secure their infrastructure with a unified, strategic approach that can reliably support today’s hospitals and can scale to support the hospitals of tomorrow as well.


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