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Are you looking for a comprehensive security solution that can protect your business from threats around the clock?


Smarttech247’s 24/7 MDR solution, VisionX combined with the power of Splunk provides you with unparalleled visibility and protection against today’s sophisticated threats. We integrate VisionX MDR Platform with Splunk to provide our clients a unified security and visibility into the entire infrastructure. Splunk AI Technology integrated within VisionX makes managed detection and response faster and allows you to go from visualisation to action rapidly and at scale. VisionX MDR Platform is your single unified comprehensive security solution that enables your businesses run without distruption, protecting your organisation’s crucial data and infrastructures.

Powering MDR with VisionX

24/7 Monitoring & Faster Threat Detection

In cybersecurity, speed defines the success of both the defender and the attacker and there is no right time for threat actors to exploit a vulnerability. Therefore, our team of security experts work 24/7/365 to monitor your environment and respond to any threats in real-time. With VisionX Platform and our team of experts, our MDR Solution delivers faster detection governed by human context and minimises false positives and alert fatigue to help you focus on incidents that truly matter. Our advanced algorithms combined with Splunk’s powerful analytics capabilities help us detect threats in real-time, giving you a head start in defending your business.

Improved Security Posture

A resilient enterprise is an outcome of a strong cyber resilience. Building cyber resilience is possible only when organisations have complete visibility across their entire infratructure, including assets and data. VisionX powered with Splunk Technology provides a comprehensive security solution that covers all the critical components of your security architecture, from endpoints to cloud infrastructure, giving you peace of mind knowing your business is secure. With more and more connected devices and complex networks, VisionX AI Powered MDR Platform helps you build a robust security posture by providing full observability.

Efficient Incident Response

With modern technologies, Cyberattacks are getting highly sophisticated and organisations need to respond faster than ever. Our proactive approach along with our MDR platform helps minimise the dwell time of threats and ensure timely incident response, thereby minimising the impact on the organisation’s operations. In the event of an incident, our team of security experts will work with you to quickly contain and resolve the issue. VisionX MDR Platform powered by Splunk ingests logs and events from your entire network and endpoints, further adding context and triggers immediate alerts in the event of an attack.

Combining the power of VisionX and Splunk, you get a 24/7 SOC and an expert security team to help you filter through the noise and focus on the incidents that matter.


With VisionX, your security teams get 24×7 Security Monitoring, Advanced Threat Detection, Advanced Threat Hunting, Simplified Compliance, Incident Forensics and end-to-end network visibility and analytics. Discover the full power of how VisionX Platform enables your organisation to reduce risks and prevent threats. Contact our experts today to get a full understanding of how we provide you with tailored response actions for fast and efficient remediation!

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