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Ireland East Hospital Group

24/7 Managed Security Services for Ireland East Hospital Group with VisionX For Healthcare


About IEHG’s Business

The Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG) is Ireland’s largest hospital network with a unique profile of local services and focused tertiary specialties. Their group comprises 12 hospitals with University College Dublin (UCD) as its academic partner. Six hospitals operate an Emergency Department, one has a 12-hour urgent care centre and another hospital operates an Acute Medical Assessment / Local Injuries Unit.
They provide a wide range of acute elective inpatient and outpatient services across 12 hospital sites and provide services on three levels; those serving local catchment areas, specialist/tertiary services delivered to regional populations and quaternary services delivered nationally. Their hospitals are among the best in Ireland for quality of care, medical education, healthcare research, safety and clinical performance delivered through a mix of Voluntary and Statutory hospitals.

Industry Challenge for IEHG


Organizations in the healthcare industry, like the members of the IEHG, are a key target for cybercriminals looking to disrupt operations (by launching ransomware attacks), steal personal information, health data and intellectual property. IEHG wanted more control over their information, securing their network and gaining a deeper insight into malware-driven attacks. With a large amount of information coming from the endpoint devices, firewalls, servers etc., IEHG members were faced with limited visibility across their network, as well as limited ability to correlate the millions of events that took place within their environment. IEHG turned to Smarttech247 to secure their infrastructure with a unified, strategic approach that can reliably support today’s hospitals and can scale to support the hospitals of tomorrow as well.




IEHG faced constant threats, including ransomware attacks and data breaches.

IEHG struggled to monitor their complex network effectively, hindering event correlation.

Required a scalable, comprehensive security solution for current and future healthcare challenges.

Smarttech247 Solution for IEHG

The specific healthcare needs require monitoring and analysing of millions of security events every day and alerting suspicious activity in real-time – before an attack can occur. Recognising the unique IT challenges in the healthcare industry, Smarttech247 proposed the implementation of an enterprise grade 24/7 SOC as a service platform, VisionX (which includes SIEM, NextGen Firewalls, EDR and more) to ensure full visibility across networks, real-time monitoring and fast incident response. The VisionX platform protects IEHG sites all across Ireland. Smarttech247 delivers incident management services, continuous monitoring and ongoing management throughout a 24/7/365 SOC, which allows IEHG to meet their continuous operational goals without having to build and staff their own security operations centres.




Employed advanced security solutions for early threat detection.

Ensured 24/7 network visibility and rapid incident response.

Leveraged Smarttech247’s 24/7 SOC for ongoing support, avoiding the need for IEHG to establish their own.

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