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Providing Laya with Full Visibility Over Their Assets


About Laya

Laya Healthcare is the second largest private health insurance provider in Ireland, serving over 500,000 members. Following its acquisition by AIG in 2015, it gained access to the global reach of one of the world’s leading insurance organizations, with a presence in 100 countries and jurisdictions and over 90 million customers. Committed to offering innovative insurance solutions, Laya Healthcare focuses on member education and long-term well-being. Operating in Dublin and Cork their services encompass comprehensive healthcare coverage, emphasizing innovation and transparency in delivering healthcare insurance tailored to individual needs and budgets.

Watch Laya’s Success Story with Smarttech247

Working with Smarttech247, Laya Healthcare implemented IBM QRadar SIEM to help them anticipate and manage IT Security threats. In this video, Ian Brennan, Laya Healthcare and Ronan Murphy, Smarttech247 discuss the specific challenges faced and how IBM QRadar gave real-time visibility of the threats on the insurance provider’s network.

”As we moved forward and evaluated the various technologies, Smarttech247 were our preferred MSSP in terms of a company that had worked with us on that journey to map out our exactly what we needed.”

– Ian Brennan, Director of IT

Industry Challenge for Laya

Healthcare insurance companies deal with a great deal of personal and often sensitive client information. This requires diligence on the part of the company and a commitment to protecting these sensitive assets in a reliable and compliant manner. Consequently, Laya Healthcare (part of the AIG Group) deal with vast quantities of data across medical and financial aspects of their business and a particular challenge for them was the volume of security logs that are created on a daily basis. There is a large amount of information coming from the firewalls and servers. Laya Healthcare was faced with limited visibility across their network. There was also limited ability to correlate the millions of events that took place within their environment.



Laya Healthcare faced the challenge of safeguarding personal and sensitive client information, requiring a strong commitment to protecting these assets in compliance with regulations.

Managing the vast volume of security logs generated daily, especially from firewalls and servers, is a significant challenge.

Laya Healthcare struggled with limited network visibility and the ability to effectively correlate millions of events within their environment.

Smarttech247 Solution for Laya

Smarttech247 provided Laya Healthcare with IBM QRadar, a SIEM solution that was straightforward to deploy, that could deal with large volumes of data and most importantly, give real-time visibility into Laya Healthcare’s overall risk and security posture. The SIEM solution identifies the most sophisticated cyber-attacks through advanced correlation driving vulnerability management with QVM and BigFix. Consolidating multiple security feeds from antivirus systems, IPS/IDS and APT Technologies in a single pane of glass for real-time security intelligence. This allowed Laya Healthcare to gain visibility across their networks and concentrate on their core business.




Laya Healthcare adopted IBM QRadar, a SIEM solution that was easy to implement and capable of handling large data volumes.

The solution provided real-time visibility into Laya Healthcare’s overall risk and security posture, allowing them to identify and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks promptly.

IBM QRadar consolidated multiple security feeds from various sources such as antivirus systems into a single interface.

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