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ASL Aviation Holdings

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About ASL’s Business

ASL Aviation Holdings is a prominent global aviation group that offers a diverse range of aviation services, including air cargo, passenger operations, and aircraft leasing. With a strong emphasis on partnerships and business relationships, ASL has established long-standing collaborations with leading express parcel integrators, postal networks, and the world’s largest e-commerce companies. They take their customers’ brands and reputations seriously, ensuring that the promises made to their customers are upheld. ASL continuously enhances its capabilities to align with the evolving needs of its customers.

The company operates a fleet of more than 160 aircraft, serving customers in Europe and Australia through their airlines, as well as through associate airlines in South Africa, Thailand, and India. ASL Aviation Holdings relies on a dedicated global team of 3,000 aviation professionals representing 57 nationalities to deliver on their promises and provide reliable aviation services to a wide range of industries.

”Smarttech247 has enabled us to have an effective, comprehensive, and long term cyber defense strategy.”

– Ian Brennan, Director of Innovation, ASL Aviation

Industry Challenge for ASL

ASL Aviation are a rapidly growing organization in an industry that is constantly targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks. Furthermore, as ASL embarked on an accelerated digital transformation journey, they were faced with challenges that were brought on from the pandemic in relation to cloud infrastructure, their remote workers, and protecting their data. In the aviation industry, any disruption can have vast financial and reputation damage and potentially compromise safety. Therefore ASL Aviation needed a tailored solution incorporating specific threat intelligence and rapid response to potential attacks: security monitoring, threat intelligence, log correlation, vulnerability scanning, patch management and remediation.





ASL Aviation faced the constant threat of sophisticated cyberattacks that posed a significant risk to their operations, data, and overall security.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on challenges related to cloud infrastructure, remote workforce security, and data protection.

 ASL Aviation required a tailored solution that included threat intelligence and rapid response capabilities to mitigate these risks

Smarttech247 Solution for ASL

Smarttech247 provided ASL Aviation with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to address their unique challenges. This solution included full SOC monitoring and management, utilizing SIEM (IBM QRadar) across all global sites. We also implemented thorough threat and vulnerability management processes to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks. Security auditing was integrated to ensure the organization’s compliance with industry standards and regulations, while governance, risk, and compliance practices were implemented to enhance overall security and minimize potential cyber threats. This holistic approach to cybersecurity enabled ASL Aviation to effectively protect their operations, data, and reputation in the face of constantly evolving cyber threats.






Full SOC Monotoring & Management and SIEM (IBM QRadar) across all global sites

Comprehensive Threat & Vulnerablity Management

Security Auditing & GRC

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