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Implementation of IBM QRadar SIEM


About RCSI

Founded in 1784 as the national training body for surgery in Ireland, RCSI has maintained its position as a pioneer in healthcare education and research. Today, they stand as an innovative, globally renowned university in health sciences and continue to serve as the primary professional training institution for surgery in Ireland. At RCSI, their community consists of students, educators, clinicians, researchers, and policy leaders across various healthcare disciplines. They take immense pride in being the world’s top-ranked university for their contributions to promoting good health and well-being. Their core mission is clear: ‘To educate, nurture, and discover for the benefit of human health.’ Guided by this mission, they are committed to shaping the future of healthcare through education, research, and innovation.

Watch RCSI’s Success Story with Smarttech247

Learn about how IBM and Smarttech247 worked together to improve security at the Royal College of Surgeons. Using IBM Security QRadar SIEM, RCSI was able to gain visibility to malware and hackers on their network, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve the security of their most valuable data and records.

“We had a great experience dealing with Smarttech247 from the very beginning. Their security experts helped us build a smarter and more secure network within RCSI with IBM QRadar. ”

– Enda Kyne, CIO

Industry Challenge for RCSI

Universities such as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland are a key target for cybercriminals looking to steal personal information, research data and intellectual property. Moreover, they are on a high target for DDoS attacks. RCSI wanted more control over the sharing of information, securing their network and gaining deeper insight into malware-driven attacks.



Universities, like the RCSI, face significant cybersecurity threats including the theft of personal information, research data, and intellectual property.

DDoS attacks pose a high risk to RCSI’s network, potentially disrupting critical operations

RCSI wanted improved control over information sharing and their network security

Smarttech247 Solution for RCSI

To address the challenges faced by RCSI, Smarttech247 implemented IBM QRadar SIEM as it allowed the university to gain real-time visibility across a large disparate network. Together with a 24/7 managed security service by Smarttech247, QRadar consolidates and prioritises security events from all sources and it allows the administrator to see what is happening straight away. It gives RCSI a data-rich, easy-to-use interface and real-time valuable information.


QRadar ensures instant real time network visibility into RCSI’s network.

Consolidated security events by centralizing and prioritizing incidents.

RCSI gained real-time insights through a user-friendly interface.

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