Cybersecurity Conference

Zero Day Con 2023

Zero Day Con – Annual Cybersecurity Conference 8th Edition

About Zero Day Con

Zero Day Con is an annual cybersecurity conference that offers the opportunity for senior business executives to learn about the latest cybersecurity trends and how to address today’s security challenges. The first Zero Day Con event took place on March 7th in Dublin and welcomed over 500 international delegates and 30 expert speakers.


About ZDC23

On March 9th 2023, Zero Day Con in it’s 8th edition brought together leading technology firms, industry experts and government officials to share insights for cybersecurity professionals grappling with the rise of disruptive innovations.


Smarttech247 proudly hosts the annual cybersecurity conference Zero Day Con and in this 8th edition, industry leaders focussed on the theme – ‘CONNECT’. Watch Key Note Speaches, Panel Discussions and more as our leaders throw light on the various interesting areas of the Cyber World

Watch Zero Day Con 2023 Highlights Here



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