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[intro] is a new breed of IT company known as an MSP — Managed Service Provider, which delivers a proactive IT security & innovation support service rather than the typical reactive ‘break and fix’ type IT support.[/intro]


This new method of IT support is made possible by a suite of software platforms and strategic partnerships with some of the worlds leading technology companies. All critical elements of the customer business networks are monitored in real time. The clients receive weekly reports on the security, data backup and network integrity.

Trend Micro

A cornerstone of the Smarttech product suite is the managed security service in conjunction with Trend Micro, who have their European HQ in Cork developing Internet content security and threat management solutions making the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information.

“The Trend Micropartnership provides a crucial element to the service offering. In order to properly secure a business network there is a layered security approach required. Standard Anti Virus is not enough and now business customers need to secure their company information by evaluating all angles and ensuring that they are secured for: Web Content Filtering, Device Management, Spam Filtering & Anti Virus. ” said Ronan Murphy CEO and founder of, who also holds directorships of Cork Chamber of Commerce and IT@Cork.


“Typically companies would use multiple vendors and security products to try and protect their data and network. The Trend Micro product suite allows Smarttech to consolidate all of the critical security services in one piece of software. This not only makes the complex arena of IT security very manageable but also makes it extremely cost effective.” 2013 has been a very exciting year for Smarttech with significant growth in the Irish market. “We have made significant investment in best of breed technologies and skilled engineers for our network operations centre and managed helpdesk in Cork” , said Mr Murphy. Smarttech have also been successful in obtaining funding from Enterprise Ireland through the going global grant. This has allowed Smarttech to launch the managed service offering in the UK market.

A new breed of IT company known as an MSP – Managed Service Provider, which delivers aproactive IT support service rather than the typical reactive ‘break and fix’ type IT support.

Mr Murphy chaired the recent European Technology Summit in City Hall Cork was responsible for bringing some of the largest technology companies in the world to Cork including Google, Amazon, Trend Micro, IBM & EMC to showcase their security & innovation and discuss the future of technology. The conference also had a large focus on cyber security and International cyber security experts. They discussed the trends and challenges facing the business community.

Summary works closely with companies and organisations combating the increasing incidences of cyber crime. “The question is no longer whether an organisation without adequate security will be hacked; it’s a matter of when,”. Mr Murphy underlined the important role of technology in driving employment and entrepreneurship in challenging times. “Technology is key to competitiveness and operational efficiency and this makes it acritical partof all our businesses,” he said. “We believe passionately in the power of technology to drive innovation, create employment and help bring the Irish economy back to growth.

Cork is a hot bed for entrepreneurship which has been fostered by both the private and academic sectors.”

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