Monday, January 9th, 2017

Learn How To Prevent Malware Infection with Koovla

We are continually trying to improve our knowledge on the best steps to take to prevent cyber-attacks, including Ransomware. A new malware has been created that requests that the victim to read two articles on how to stay safe from Malware. This ransomware is called Koovla. Koovla creates a text line by line on the user’s screen. It then states that the user can gain access to the decryption key as long as they read two online articles, one describing how to stay safe online from Google’s security team and another from Bleeping Computer describing the Jigsaw variant of Malware which Koovla is based on. The below details the text that appears on the victim’s screen.

“In order for me to decrypt your files you must read the two articles below. Once you have click the ‘Get My Decryption Key’ button.

Then enter in your decryption key and click the ‘Decrypt My Files’ button. Eventually all of your files will be decrypted 🙂

If the timer reaches zero then all of your personal files will be deleted because you were too lazy to read two articles.

So User do you want to play a game?”


As with all ransomware, we need to be wary of Koovla when it hits the wild and it will most likely change in order to create profits for the creator.

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