Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Infosec Week Review: Feb 1 – Feb 5

Last week was very busy in terms of infosec news. Here are couple of events that we would like to share with you:

Dark Web: Hacked

One of the largest TOR hosting service Freedom Hosting 2 got hacked by the well-known group Anonymous. This is a major part of the dark web as researchers say that it was hosting around 15% – 20% of it. The attack was launched because the group had found a lot of child pornography there, despite the statement that they have “zero tolerance policy to child pornography“. The database dump is publicly available and anyone can confirm this.

DDoS protection

Miria Botnet was a big thing at the end of last year. You all probably heard of its activity causing one of the largest DDoS attacks on the web so far. One of its targets was a security journalist’s blog (Brian Krebs). Brian shared some info how Google Project Shield (a DDoS protecting service) helped him mitigate this DDoS attack.

Data leaks

Data leaks are all over the place. Beside the mentioned Freedom Hosting hack we had:

Although some of those may not be as harmful as user/password leaks, situations like these may cause serious legal issues in regards to the upcoming GDPR regulation. Check out our conference if you want to know more about EU GDPR.

Is VPN secure?

VPN is a solution for anyone that is doing a lot of traveling. Besides the obvious fact that it helps to stay connected to the “office” one of its most important task is to provide security for internet connections – especially if you’re connecting to the internet in public places (airports, hotels, etc…). But beware, as we are reading the analysus of around 300 Android VPN apps it shows that 19% of those apps don’t encrypt the traffic at all and 66% don’t route the DNS traffic (queries about the domain names) through the VPN. There are even cases of the VPN app injecting its own JavaScript which is clearly a way to do XSS attacks.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

A high severity issue was discovered in the latest WordPress instance which allowed unauthorised users to add or modify blog posts. Beside the threat of a defacement this could lead to a Cross-Site Scripting attacks and escalating privileges to admin accounts.

20+ long password

You can have strong passwords but it won’t mean anything if there is a vulnerability allowing to bypass the authentication like those multiple Netgear routers. If you use those, you better patch immediately.

Printers don’t just print

You may think printers servers are only for printing and you’d be wrong. In many offices advanced printers are pretty much like computers running its own operating system. In our multiple security assessments we have noticed that those are frequently a so-called “low hanging fruit” and can give an opportunity for hackers for a wider range of attacks. An interesting situation occurred last week when around 150 000 printers from all over the world started to print hack-manifests. There is a wide range of attacks in which network printers may be used – an interesting review has been made about it.

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