Threat Intelligence Hub

Proactively Discover Threats Before Impact

Threat Hub LogoA new Zero-Day vulnerability is discovered each week exposing billions of network devices to critical system weaknesses that are usually left unidentified. As security threats steadily increase in volume and sophistication, it is becoming more challenging for organisations and IT departments to identify the most serious ones. Users must correlate threat information from multiple sources to make more informed decisions about which security issues pose the biggest threats. Smarttech247 Threat Intelligence Hub can help organisations reduce exposure to security risks with comprehensive, actionable, real-time intelligence on active threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation recommendations from the Smarttech247 SOC Team.

The Threat Intelligence Hub allows you to automate your global security intelligence data updates. This allows you respond effectively to threats, address regulatory compliance requirements and lower business costs. The Threat Intelligence Hub is a service designed and managed by the Smarttech SOC and covered in our ISO9001 and ISO27001 quality standards. Smarttech have a dedicated research team searching for new vulnerabilities, collating and consolidating intelligence from a variety of sources. The service informs an organisation of the latest threats and vulnerabilities by enabling the dedicated alert system to their infrastructure.


  • Automatic feeds from multiple sources into the Hub
  • Up-to-the-minute data on cyber threats
  • Allows patching of critical vulnerabilities before the next vulnerability scan or pentest


Key Benefits

  • Timely global information from a trusted source
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence for vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Reliable, credible source of security intelligence
  • Improved IT staff efficiency and productivity
  • Implemented Security by Design

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