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Even with extensive investments in your IT security infrastructure, the weakest level of defence in your organisation are your users

As attacks, such as phishing, become more sophisticated, it’s vital to ensure that users have the awareness and skills to spot a potential breach. Smarttech247 offers a powerful end-to-end knowledge assessment tool for identifying potential vulnerabilities — from an organisational level down to the individual. By using our phishing simulation services, you can choose from our library of questions across a broad range of critical cybersecurity topics and you can also create custom questions to gauge understanding of your organisation’s policies and procedures.

By customising each simulated attack on the department you’re targeting, you’re more closely mimicking the tactics seen in today’s advanced attacks, and gaining more valuable insight into how employees will respond to these attacks. What our phishing simulation services will provide:

  • Your phish prone score
  • Your risky users
  • How to develop an effective training programme

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Our phishing simulation services help you:

  • ✔ Create and administer customised phishing campaigns that are appropriate for your organisation.
    ✔ Accurately assess your users’ phishing awareness and their susceptibility to real-world threats
    ✔ Review whether your email accounts and systems, as well as the perimeter security (e.g. spam and web filtering, firewalls etc) are configured correctly or capable of protecting against a phishing attack

How confident are you that, when encountering a phishing attack, your employees won’t fall prey? Test it now with over 20 popular types of phishing campaigns that you can choose from. Fill the form and request a free quote.

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