Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Apple patches OS X against Shellshock Exploits

Another round of software update is here and this time it’s Apple releasing patching to guard against Shellsock exploits. 

Apple has pushed out an update entitled OS X bash Update 1.0,  coming in three flavours: one for OS X Mavericks, one for Mountain Lion, and one for Lion

So far, at least [2014-09-29T23:55Z], it is not available via the Software Update option in the Apple menu, so you will have to get it yourself:

When you’ve done the download, you’ll have a DMG (disk image) file called BashUpdateXxxx.dmg, where Xxxx is your operating system name, e.g.Mavericks:

apple patch shellshock

Open the DMG and you will find a .pkg (installation package) file:

apple patch shellshock

Double click it, give it an administrator password so it can change key system files, and you are done.

You can check that the update worked by opening a Terminal window and issuing the bash -version command:

apple patch shellshock


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