Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Retailer Staples facing card system security breach.

staples data breach[News] Staples announced its cooperation with the law enforcement officials  after having identified patterns of payment card fraud suggesting that data had been stolen. The form of the attack was similar to the ones used in different security breaches, the cash registers being infected with data-stealing malware that allows criminals to counterfeit cards. 

It it still unknown how many customers have been affected.

These types of attacks are very popular and we can see an increase in the numbers of organisations being affected. Recently, Home Depot revealed that 56 million customer credit cards were put at risk of theft. A similar method was used late last year to expose the credit card data of 40 million Target customers and the personal information for an additional 70 million customers.

Since the Target hack, there has been an apparent uptick in security breaches at retail locations. Over the past few months, arts and crafts retail chain Michaels Stores, department store Neiman Marcus, and restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s all revealed they were victims of security breaches aimed at stealing customers’ credit card information.

Retrieved from: cnet

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