Friday, May 19th, 2017

Shadow Brokers are planning a “Data Dump of the Month”

Could there be aftermath and a Data Dump this coming June after the WannaCry incident? Are you protected?

The Shadow Brokers responsible for last week’s WannaCrypt chaos are back with a threat to release more exploits. Starting June, the group claims it will start pushing a monthly subscription service (The Shadow Brokers Data Dump of the Month) offering members top secret information including compromised network data from providers of SWIFT financial messaging and also from the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. This planned membership service appears to be another attempt by the hacking crew to sell the big tranche of exploits and top-secret cyber weapons that it seemingly stole from the NSA-affiliated Equation Group last summer.

This appears to be a creative marketing campaign by the Shadow Brokers as they are capitalising on the current media turmoil and free publicity to monetise their future releases. Previously, they had little success in attracting buyers for the Equation Group tools and the WannaCrypt attacks may have given them enough credibility among potential buyers.

Could this be just the beginning of the democratisation of high-end cyber weapons and vulnerabilities? If the new service launches, it will be incredibly easy for anyone to get their hands on cyber exploits and perform malicious attacks world-wide.


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