Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Google Flags Links as Malicious malicious[News] Over the past few days, Google’s Safe Browsing  has blocked several users from accessing shortened links susceptible of containing malware.

Google reported that they tested 91854 pages and 735 resulted in malicious software that infected users’ computers. The malicious software includes 199 trojans, 188 exploits, 152 scripting exploits.

While Google was blocking, the domain switched all links to This problem only affected Chrome and Firefox users, as well as the blog. The issue has been resolved meanwhile and users have been informed that no data or Bitlinks had been compromised.

In May, the URL shortening service informed customers that their account credentials might have been compromised. At the time, the company advised users to change their API key and OAuth token, reset their password, and reconnect their social media accounts.

Retrieved from: Security Week

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