Thursday, May 9th, 2024

AI Meets Ethics

In recent years, AI has become a recurring buzz word within the media. The release of ‘ChatGPT’ in November of 2022 brought what was once a concept of the future into reality. As a result, there has been a rapid adoption of AI use within businesses, as it simplifies and automates a variety of tasks. However, this new age begs the question, how can we ensure the ethical use of AI?

To broach this question, it’s important to outline a few of the ethical challenges faced. Across industries AI has been utilised to write reports, code and articles. Although, where do we draw the line on crediting an AI’s work as our own? Additionally, research has shown that AI is susceptible to biases, which can lead to legal implications for companies who use it. A prime example is Amazon’s 2018 AI recruiting tool that favoured male applicants in its screening process. It will be necessary to establish and enforce ethical policies that account for how businesses handle legal issues that arise regarding biases. In conjunction with the above, it may be of benefit to employ an existing Ethical framework alongside government regulation when utilizing AI.

In short, AI is growing at an exponential rate, as is its use across industries. Yet, there are numerous ethical challenges that accompany this growth. It is now down to businesses to put in place the necessary policies and frameworks to mitigate these associated risks.

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