Managed Risk – Security Assessment Services

Scenario Based Testing

Real-life assessments to evaluate your prevention, detection and response capabilities

Measuring the success of security operations on efficiency metrics alone can fail to address a key question all security leaders need to answer: how good are people and controls at preventing, detecting and responding to cyber threats? Scenario-based testing performed by Smarttech247’s experienced team of consultants, can help to validate the true effectiveness of your organisation’s capabilities. This is achieved by simulating a wide range of adversarial tactics and providing recommendations to enhance the protection of key assets.

Asset Testing

Provides a full assessment of an organisation’s entire network security. This is by simulating an advanced hacker attack to and from multiple weak points.


The tests are performed from a ‘Black Box’ perspective (external attack without gaining access to system information). Also from a ‘Grey/White Box’ perspective (using information and data which only employees have access to). Asset testing encompasses multiple ways of infiltrating a system and exploiting vulnerabilities, including nontechnical ways such as Social Engineering.


What do our asset testing services help you address?

  • What the weakest link in your organisation is.
  • How a hacker can access various information using several technical and nontechnical techniques.


The Mitre Att&ck Framework

Threat intelligence (TI) is becoming increasingly important for organisations and a popular feature in cyber security programs. The webinar will explore the opportunity for companies to support each other in building up their threat intelligence platforms, sharing knowledge and best practices.


MITRE’s ATT&CK framework has been widely used by cybersecurity professionals to describe and classify attacker behaviour and assess an organization’s risks.


MITRE evaluations use their ATT&CK Framework to simulate attack scenarios that security vendors must then detect as quickly as possible. Smarttech247 security teams can leverage the results of MITEE ATT&CK Evaluations to assess the array of vendor options against a common standard, think about key visibility points within their environment, and review their own detection coverage and security strategies.

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