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Unlock the full potential of your DLP with VisionX

At Smarttech247, we understand the critical importance of data protection and the challenges organizations face in implementing and managing robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions. That’s why we are proud to introduce our comprehensive Data Security Solutions for Forcepoint DLP. With Smarttech247’s proven track record in managed security services and Forcepoint’s innovative DLP solutions, organizations can now benefit from a powerful combination of advanced threat intelligence, real-time monitoring, and proactive incident response.


This partnership ensures that Forcepoint DLP customers have access to state-of-the-art DLP capabilities, enabling them to safeguard their sensitive data, mitigate risks, and maintain regulatory compliance. Together, Smarttech247 and Forcepoint are committed to providing unparalleled cybersecurity solutions that empower organizations to stay ahead in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our Solutions

Infrastructure as a Service

Fully manage all aspects of infrastructure and DLP application management.

  • Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure across Global Regions
  • OS patching and maintenance
  • Forcepoint DLP application patching
  • Zero maintenance needed by your teams
  • SasS-like service, automation via IaC
  • Managed DLP

    With End-to-end managed service, discover, classify, monitor, and protect data with zero friction

  • Policy Configuration
  • Testing and Tuning
  • Deployment
  • Continuous Monitoring via VisionX
  • Data First SASE
  • Security Monitoring & SOAR

    Harness the power of automation to fortify their defenses and safeguard their digital assets.

  • Automatically detects and prioritize incidents
  • Real-time threat intelligence feeds
  • Workflow and Policy Enforcement
  • Powerful SOAR integration
  • Rapid and targeted response actions
  • Power your DLP with Intelligent Automations

    Our full-service offering allows you to focus on essential tasks and business growth, while we handle all aspects of managing your DLP program. Our solution is designed for efficiency with fast deployment, real-time monitoring, and instant risk prevention, maximizing productivity in your organization. Scalability is made easy without the need for additional hardware or software setup, ensuring your business can adapt to changing needs without extra investment. Leveraging Smarttech247 and Forcepoint’s expertise, our innovative approach incorporates the latest DLP advancements for optimal results. We prioritize compliance, ensuring your DLP program meets industry regulations, protecting your business from regulatory risks. With significant reductions in management time and overhead costs, our service delivers cost savings to your business. By automating workflows through an enterprise SOAR platform, we enhance process velocity, scalability, and accuracy, even semi-automating incidents to improve decision speed, efficiency, and quality.

    VisionX MDR Platform

    Smarttech247 VisionX automated MDR platform provides round-the-clock security orchestration, monitoring and response to potential security incidents. Our MDR platform and proactive approach minimise the dwell time of threats, reduce the risk of data breaches, and ensure timely incident response, thereby minimising the impact on the organisation’s operations. Moreover, the VisionX automated platform includes threat and vulnerability management, cybersecurity validation, dynamic risk governance, and security technology integration.

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