The average cost of a healthcare data breach is $7.1 million

More than 93% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach in the past three years.

Healthcare institutions continue to be the most exposed industry to cyber attacks since the pandemic hit in 2020, with the industry accounting for more than four in ten breaches.


The healthcare industry has a natural appeal to ransomware groups as patient care facilities are a category that cannot tolerate network downtime. Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and are now starting to become a daily threat to patient lives.


Healthcare institutions are part of one of the most costly industries to have a breach, this is likely because they have one of the longest average response times to detect a breach.


Attackers are holding organizations hostage

Ransomware is reaching unprecedented levels. Ransomware operators are now taking a much more focused approach to targeting their victims. The Smarttech247 research shows that hackers take their time to learn about the victims and their networks, and then swiftly infect hosts. Besides encrypting data, an increasing number of adversaries now exfiltrate and threaten to publish stolen data to increase ransom payments.

Ransomware attacks can quickly disrupt the operations and cripple businesses functions by cutting off access to critical information within minutes.


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Ransomware Readiness Assessment

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